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Xbox Live Gold Membership - Cheap Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Updated on July 1, 2011

Xbox Live Gold Membership

Xbox Live is a fantastic service and really has changed the way we play video games today but to get the most out of it you need an xbox live gold membership. Gold xbox live membership gives so much more and allows you to really get the most out of your xbox 360 and gaming. You can play online with friends or complete strangers, talk to your friends in party chat even if they are playing a different game and gold members even get to use services such as twitter, facebook and netflix on their Xbox 360!

Find out more about the benefits of having Xbox Live Gold membership

Why you should buy Xbox Live Gold membership online

if you are wondering whether to buy xbox live gold or not from the xbox dashboard I really would recommend you don't!  There are many reasons for this including the fact xbox live membership bought from Microsoft automatically renews and is a right pain in the *rse to cancel!  Learn why you should buy xbox live gold membership online.

Seriously though just don't buy xbox live gold membership straight through the Xbox 360 - trust me you will regret it!

There is no such thing as a free Xbox Live Gold subscription

I am sad to tell you that there is no such thing as a free xbox live gold membership if you still believe there is without having to complete loads of dodgy offers and sadly xbox live code generators do not work. 

Where others go for a cheap xbox live gold membership

Where do you buy your xbox live gold subscriptions from?

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Cheap Xbox Live Gold Membership

However although there are plenty of great features Xbox Live is still expensive at around $50 or £40 a year! Don't worry though as there are many ways you can get cheap xbox live gold subscriptions particularly with 12 month gold subscriptions online. If you think that you can get a free xbox live gold membership then read this article.

If you are looking to buy Xbox live Gold save yourself over $10/$15 and £10+ and buy from a website online. It is a really easy way to save money quickly.

I would recommend buying a cheap xbox live gold 12 months subscription from Amazon but there are many other places you can buy xbox live gold membership from a site such as the cheapxboxlivecodes website. (The link to the left is a review of that particular website)

Picture of a 12 month xbox live gold membership. From
Picture of a 12 month xbox live gold membership. From

Where do other people buy there xbox live gold membership from?

Please vote in the poll so I can try and understand where other people buy there xbox live gold memberships from.  I think this data will be very interesting and I would like to calculate how many people buy from the different sources and how much roughly could be saved!

I will update this section regularly and will aim for the first update in about 2 months time as long as more than 100 people have voted!

Update 1 Coming Soon

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I thought you would like the following article about buying microsoft points online and how you can get a good deal on all your future xbox live purchases.  Buying Microsoft points online

Xbox Live Gold Subscription

As you have now read Xbox Live is a fantastic service but you do really need Xbox Live Gold.  You also should now know not to buy Xbox Live through the dashboard, where you can get cheap xbox live memberships from, see where others buy there xbox live memberships from (in the poll - please vote if you have not already!) and understand there is no such thing as free xbox live gold membership.

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