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Chickenpox Plush

Updated on September 18, 2011
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Chickenpox Plush

Chickenpox Plushie
Chickenpox Plushie | Source

Giantmicrobes Chickenpox

This adorable little guy is part of the Giantmicrobes range and is a chickenpox microbe. I picked this little guy up as a present for my little sister when she had chickenpox as a way to try to cheer her up. She already had the common cold Giantmicrobe so I figured that this cuddly microbe would be able to keep her common cold microbe, company. This chickenpox plushie is 1,000,000x the size of an actual chickenpox microbe. has made this microbe as cute as can be and they even managed to make it look a little like a chicken. When my sister had the chickenpox she kept cuddling this weird toy and it made her feel a little better, she kept giggling at it. My little sister now collects these Giantmicrobes because they are cuddly, cute and she can learn about different microbes and cells from them.

With this adroable little microbe came a fact filled info sheet that includes a magnified picture of a chickenpox microbe under a miroscope. The sheet tells you all sortd of information about the chickenpox including its' scientific name which is the Varicella-Zoster virus. The Giant microbe range of toys is becoming more popular as they are becoming more well known. There are hundereds of different Giantmicrobes available and keeps bringing out new ranges all the time, they even have a giant microbe black ant (I know the black ant is not a microbe but it still makes a cute plushie), there are cells and viruses and all sorts of other weird and wonderful plushies available.


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