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Gigantic Common Cold Giant Microbe Plush

Updated on August 22, 2011
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Microbe Plush has a range of weird and wonderful plush toys called Giantmicrobes. These plush toys are cute representations of different microbes and are about 1 million times the size of the actual microbes. These cute toys are educational and make really nice gifts for people. They are great fun to collect as well. I bought a couple of these giantmicrobes for my little sister and she began collecting them, so far my little sister has about 12 of these wonderfully strange plush toys. My little sister's favorite Giantmicrobe is the Common Cold (rhinovirus), it was the first giantmicrobe that I bought her and she says it is the cutest microbe of the collection.

Giantmicrobe common cold plush

Giantmicrobe Common Cold
Giantmicrobe Common Cold | Source

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Common Cold Plush

The Giantmicrobe common cold plush is a very cute blue plush that represents a common cold (rhinovirus) microbe.

This common cold plush comes in three different sizes:

  1. A single common cold microbe that is 5-7"
  2. Three mini mocrobes
  3. A single common cold microbe that is 15-20"

The size I chose for my little sister was the 5-7" one because it is not too big and not too small so she can cuddle uo with it in bed. The Common Cold plush is a lovely soothing blue color and is very soft and cuddly. The materials used to make this plush toy are really quite durable and can withstand quite a lot of punishment, as my sister has proven.

The Giantmicrobe common cold is not just a fun and cuddly toy it is also educational. With the Common Cold plush you get an information sheet that tells you all about the common cold including it's latin name which is rhinovirus. Also you get a picture of a rhinovirus microbe under a microscope so you can see what it actually looks like. Some of the information on the info sheet is a little heavy and difficult to understand for a child, but if you understand it you can explain it to them in a way they will understand. These plush microbes make excellent gifts for family and friends and make great little mascots for office workers and medical students. The Common Cold is just one of the microbes that is in the Giantmicrobe range, there are loads more including the flue virus, mad co disease and chicken pox, to name just a few. Each is cute and comes with its own info sheet so you can learn all about the partiicular microbe.


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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 7 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      I love these things.