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Clash of Clans: 3 Star Hog Rider Attacks

Updated on July 7, 2015

Why Hogs?

Why not hogs?

  • Dragons are dangerously unreliable, and it's easy to build a base to defend against them. Since the implementation of the Sweeper, they're even more unreliable unless your opponent has a poorly built base or low level defenses for anti-air.
  • "Gowipe" (Golems, wizards, pekkas) is a great attack, but only a very reliable 2 star. Getting 3 stars can be challenging as this combo is powerful but slow.
  • Ballooons and minions are just not powerful enough at TH8 for the same reasons; 1 wizard tower and that attack is over.

In my experience, hogs are the most reliable 3 star. But, they can also be risky; as a failed attack is often 0 stars, or maybe 1. They're a bit more high-risk high-reward than other attacks.

How to 3 Star

  1. Scout the enemy base; look carefully. If allies have attacked, watch the replay. Look out for traps, particularly Giant Bombs. A level 3 Giant Bomb (Max for TH8) will leave level 4 hogs (Max for TH8) with a sliver of HP. That makes Giant Bombs + Wizard Towers a very deadly combo.
  2. Build a hog rider army, my standard is:

    4 Wizards
    4 Archers
    36 Hogs
    3 Healing Potions
    1 Poison Spell

    However, be mindful of what's in their clan castle! If you know, tailor your attack accordingly. For example, if they have a dragon you want more archers. If they have all archers, you can dial back on both archers/wizards and rely on your poison spell.

    And of course, if you can easily pull their clan castle troops (Tip #2) you can use giants/barbarians; but if it's unpullable, a single or double drop of hogs tends to get the job done.

    Pro Tip: Keep on the lookout for Giant Bombs you can pop while pulling the enemy CC!
  3. Pick a side to attack from; running into a dense area of defenses is ideal. Also be on the lookout for extended buildings you can fight CC troops without defenses interfering. (If poison doesn't kill)
  4. Pull CC from wherever you can and draw to that side.
  5. Drop your hogs on the same side you pulled and killed the clan castle troops!

    Don't be a noob; I've seen many people pull CC units, drop their own units / barbarian king to kill the CC units, then drop their hogs on the opposite side, allowing their remaining units / barbarian king to be killed quickly. This can easily cost you the 3 star! Launch them from the same side so your units can start cleaning the base without any defenses killing them off.
  6. Consider a double-tap drop.

    It's powerful; often times with 1 long line of hogs you end up with all the hogs in the back running around behind the others not doing anything but taking damage. Having 2 streams allows you to spread a little bit more, but hopefully not too much as to prevent effective healing.
  7. Be patient with your healing.

    Use your heals in clusters of defenses so your units will sit there the longest.

    You shouldn't always heal immediately, sometimes you should wait until they take some damage first.

    Pre-heal Giant Bombs if you know where they are, or be ready to drop a heal immediately when you see them.
  8. If necessary, keep 1 or 2 archers on deck for buildings in the corners.

Possible bomb locations, most of which can be scouted while pulling the CC with hogs. This base is an easy 3 star.
Possible bomb locations, most of which can be scouted while pulling the CC with hogs. This base is an easy 3 star.

Warning Signs

No single attack is always the right answer; but on the lookout for the following warnings signs that may tell you to use a different attack:

  • Double Giant Bombs; there is nothing you can do, your hogs will die unless you can pop them one at a time.
  • Overly spread out bases.
  • Bases that lure defense targeting units away from single unit focus onto multi-target focuses. (EX: Your hogs chase wizard towers and mortars but leave archers and cannons; they can pick off your hogs 1 by 1 even when healing)

Win Wars

A few tries and you'll get the hang of it. Hogs are powerful and usually capable of taking out max TH8 defense bases with a few exceptions. Their risk can be unnerving, but in wars who can afford to 2 star a TH8?


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