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Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey - New From Furreal Friends

Updated on May 23, 2013

On this page we are going to be looking at one of the latest creations from Hasbro Furreal Friends. This one is called Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey. We will review Cuddles and take a look at just what this new Furreal Friend is capable of. Plus we will give you prices and the release date for Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey. This is a new toy that is likely to be very popular come Christmas 2013 so we are also going to let you know just where you can get this adorable monkey from.

Hasbro have been making Furreal Friends for a good many years now. Each time they bring out a new toy the technology seems that little bit better and the animals seem that little bit cuter. Over the years we have seen hundreds of toys ranging from the massive Butterscotch Pony to the tiny Snuggimals. In 2013 there are lots of new releases from Furreal Friends but the most exciting and impressive one looks like being this one, Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey. So let's first of all take a close look at this new toy.

Cuddles The Monkey

Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Is Here

So this new release looks like being one of the most interactive that we have ever seen. Cuddles comes with lots of different sensors located all over her body. There are over one hundred different responses programmed in so plenty for your child to enjoy. Some of the highlights include a very movement orientated head that can swivel round in all directions. Simply stroke her face and she will respond by moving her head round towards your touch. She can move her head up and down and will react in lots of different ways. Her arms and legs are very movable so they bend and move quite easily. As with a real monkey the limps are very flexible and she can move around and swing very well as long as you keep hold of her of course.

As with all the Furreal Friends toys that you get, Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey makes lots of different sounds. As you would expect she can also giggle and there are a few different laughs that she comes out with, each one that little bit more sweet. The makers of this toy claim that she learns new reactions as you play with her, so this means you actually unlock content as you play. So each toy will react slightly differently depending upon how the child interacts with them. One nice little feature is that you can rock Cuddles to sleep and she will blow you a kiss and then her eyes will close. So there really are lots of different responses you can get from this little monkey.

As for a release date Hasbro say this will come out sometime in the fall so in plenty of time for Christmas 2013. Often a release date does get moved forward so do not be surprised if you see these turning up over the summer months. When it comes to price we are expecting this one to retail at around $80, so that makes Cuddles the most expensive of the new releases this year. She does have lots going for her though and you also get a few little accessories with her such as a feeding bottle and a brush. We think that this is one of the best toys that we have seen from Furreal Friends and although it might not be quite as cute as some others they have brought out, it really does have a lot of different responses so it will keep children entertained for quite a while.

Furreal Friends Daisy

Other New Furreal Friends Pets For 2013

Along with Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey there are plenty of other new releases coming out in 2013 from Furreal Friends. Our personal favourite is Trixie The Skateboarding Pup. This little puppy actually rides a remote control skateboard around the room. The skateboard reacts very quickly and moves incredibly well all while Trixie hangs on for dear life. While she rides round she makes excited yapping sounds and really does sound like she is enjoying the whole experience. She also moves around when you take her off the skateboard and there are lots of sensors that cause lots of different reactions from her. The release date for this one is said to again be in the fall and the retail is expected to be around $50.

Another new one coming out is Daisy Play With Me Kitty. This is an adorable little kitten that has lots of different sensors giving Daisy lots of different reactions. The highlight of Daisy is the way she stands up on her back paws and leans back. She can also walk around and do little jumps when you play with her. Again there are lots of cute sounds that Daisy can make and a whole host of different reactions in there waiting to be unlocked by your child. Daisy will cost around $45 and have a release date of sometime over the fall.

Those are the four main new characters from the Furreal Friends line up for this year, but there are lots of other smaller toys coming out over the spring and summer too. We have a new line of Feed Me Babies which come in the form of cute little bears that you can feed with a bottle. There are also Dress Me Babies which come with different accessories and outfits so you can customise your own pet. Another new release for Spring are the Walkin' Ponies which are extremely cute and look like being very popular indeed. These walk around and make some great sounds. Plus there are a couple of new Snuggimals coming out.

Baby Butterscotch Pony

Along with all the exciting new releases for 2013 there are also some classic toys still available. The biggest and most expensive have always been Butterscotch Pony and Smores Pony. These are massive toys and cost around $400, they are the next best thing to having a real pony though. If they are out of your budget then maybe Baby Butterscotch Pony is for you, this is a smaller version but still very cute. This one was originally around $120 although the price has dropped slightly now. Another very popular release last year was Bouncy, My Happy To See Me Pup. This is one of the cutest toys we have seen from Furreal and it is a firm favourite with little children.

As you can see the people at Hasbro have been very busy once again this year. Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey looks like being a really fun little toy and one that we are sure kids will fall in love with in no time. When this gets released we are expecting it to be in high demand so make sure if you want one in time for Christmas you get in there early and beat the crowds. This is sure to be a toy on many children's wish-lists come holiday season.


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