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DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Bob Barbas

Updated on January 11, 2014

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Barbas

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Barbas - use stomp on the red bumpers and then proceed to smash Barbas' face
DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Barbas - use stomp on the red bumpers and then proceed to smash Barbas' face

In DMC Devil May Cry, the hero Dante will have to travel to the alternate news center in Limbo and defeat Bob Barbas. This is the Bad News mission. Within limbo, Bob Barbas is not really in physical form but is in some kind of pseudo digital form. However, this form is deadly and Dante will have a hard time trying to defeat the digital Barbas. This will guide Dante with the right tactics to defeat Barbas.

Deactivate the Red Bumpers Around Barbas’ Perimeter

For the first few tries, Dante may have trouble trying to create any kind of damage on Barbas without getting damaged himself, and without dying a few times. Finally, it dawns to Dante that he must actually deactivate the red bumpers around Barbas’ perimeter. The red bumpers are wired to Barbas and appear to be some kind of wiring that activates Barbas' energy and defenses.

To reach the red bumper, Dante must escape from Barbas' defenses. Barbas' defenses include the following –

  • three bars of circulating digital energy that swerve round and round. Dante must jump up as the bars of energy swerve round and then make a move for the red bumpers.
  • two continuously narrowing walls of energy that close in at the center. If Dante is caught in the center, then quite a bit of health will be taken from his health bars. So Dante must jump up and not be caught in the center.
  • finally there will be an ever widening field that extends outwards from Barbas' head. Dante can either duck underneath one of the doorways of this expanding field, or he can just man up and take damage. The damage is not too large.

Once Dante reaches the red bumper, equip Enyx and use stomp on the bumper. Barbas' defenses will continue to hound and hinder Dante. If Dante gets hit by the energy defenses, he will lose his attempt at stomping and must retry again.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Barbas

Once stomp is successfully activated on the red bumper, Barbas will become very vulnerable. Angel lift in a hurry towards Barbas and use Enyx to smash the face of Barbas from side to side. This will drop Barbas’ health points considerably. When Barbas’ health drops to a certain amount, Dante has to angel lift into Barbas’ eye. This will activate an alternative scene where Dante will be attacked by some monsters. Defeat them all and come out and repeat the sequence above to deactivate the red bumpers again.

For the second stage, two bumpers need to be deactivated. For the final stage, three bumpers need to be deactivated. If Dante is knocked aside by Barbas' defenses and is delayed sufficiently, then one of the deactivated bumpers will become activated again. Hence Dante must expertly dodge Barbas' energy defenses to successfully deactivate the bumpers two or three times in a row. Once this happens, head back to smash Barbas’ face and then watch as he is defeated for the final time.

With the defeat of Barbas, Dante will unlock the crowd control ranged weapon - Aquila.


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