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DOTA Hero Tips: Doom Bringer

Updated on August 18, 2012


Doom Bringer boasts one of the best ultimate skills in DOTA. He can also play numerous roles for a team making him a common pick in pub games. He is one of the few strength heroes who greatly rely on his skills to be effective in both offensive and defensive end. However, many DOTA players underestimate Doom Bringer. They believe that he won’t be so efficient during the late game where enemy heroes already purchased items to endure the devastating effects of Doom Bringer’s ultimate skill. There are some truths behind such claim. However, looking down on Doom Bringer is a big mistake. To prove his critics wrong, here are a few tips that can help even a novice DOTA Player leave enemies trembling in fear with the presence of Lucifer the Doom Bringer.


This skill not only help Doom Bringer earn more gold but also grant grants him the skill of any neutral creep he consumes. The cooldown time of this skill is considerably high so you must be carefully in consuming neutral creeps. It’s almost impossible to bully Doom Bringer money wise with this skill on his arsenal. He usually gains the upper hand of clashes by having better items. Rushing a Dagon Scepter is very easy for Doom Bringer because of this skill. Holy Knight and Enchantress use neutral creeps to be efficient in battles making Doom Bringer their worst nightmare.

Scorched Earth

Doom Bringer is a great chaser with the help of this skill. Aside from giving bonus movement speed, it also emits DPS in a certain area. It’s like a skill version of Radiance. This skill is not only important offensively but defensively as well. Doom Bringer can dash away from danger after activating this skill. Enemy heroes who have very low health points won’t even think of chasing him since the DPS damage brought upon by this skill could slowly lead them to their doom. The cooldown time of this skill is quite low so you can also spam it to easily kill creeps and earn a lot of gold and experience.

LVL? Death

Lane dominance is hassle-free with Doom Bringer if you just know how to utilize this skill effectively. Don’t simply upgrade it to max level. Excellent timing and knowledge about enemy hero levels is a must. Experienced Doom Bringer often uses this skill to grab early kills. This skill can deliver absurd amount of damage to a target if his level is a divisible to a certain number depending on the skill’s level. Using this wisely could turn Doom Bringer into an early killer and force enemy heroes to forget about farming in any lane. With their actions limited early on, it won’t be so hard for you team to win during late game clashes.


A kill is almost assured if Doom Bringer cast this skill. Aside from high DPS damage, this skill will silence an enemy completely including items on this inventory. Whether you choose to run or fight, the outcome is the same. Probably the only way to somehow counter this skill is a Linken Sphere. However, a wise Doom Bringer user won’t use his ultimate skill at once to someone who has such kind of item on his inventory. Cast minor spells first such as your first skill to negate Linken Sphere’s effect. Purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter is also a must for Doom Bringer as it greatly improves this skill, not to mention the added stats that it also provides.

Early Game

Spam Devour during this part of the game. Doing so will help you earn more gold and experience. To support your mana needs, purchasing an Urn of Shadows, Ring of Basilius, or Arcane Boots is advised. Don’t bother spamming your third skill. Instead, use it wisely. You must only target heroes having a level which can activate your third skill’s bonus damage. Remember that your main role throughout the early game is to pressure enemy heroes. Stop them from getting near your creeps by using your second skill. Always be on the lookout for situations where enemy heroes on your lane are vulnerable. Grab the opportunity and chase them until they meet their doom.

Mid Game

By simply studying Doom Bringer’s skill set, anyone will recognize his ambushing capabilities. With his second and ultimate skill, even the toughest heroes in DOTA won’t survive after being chased by Doom Bringer. His third skill will assure that fleeing enemy heroes can’t escape via town portal since it has a mini-stun effect. Roaming in this stage of the game is a must for Doom Bringer. Continue pressuring enemy heroes in all lanes and made them have second thoughts about pushing. They’ll eventually have no other choice but to jungle. Ambush them there with your teammates. Placing an Observer Ward in common farming spots in the jungle will make it easier for your team to hunt enemy heroes down.

Late Game

Doom Bringer can tank since he is a strength type hero. In most games that I’ve played with Doom Bringer, he often lures enemy heroes out of their comfort zone. Once he got caught, his teammates will instantly come for his rescue leaving enemy heroes surprised. Even a split second of hesitation could mean death during this part of the game so always be wary. Buying a Force Staff to improve Doom Bringer’s mobility and make him better bait is a good idea. Remember to cast your ultimate skill to the most dangerous enemy hero. If he is an agility type hero with no items to support his health point’s regeneration, he will surely die. Doom Bringer is definitely a hero worth our respect as he can rally his teammates towards victory even if the battle progresses in the late game.


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