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DOTA Hero Tips: Twin Head Dragon

Updated on July 30, 2012


Twin Head dragon is one of the few intelligence heroes in DOTA that has substantial strength gain which means he can tank. I’ve played numerous DOTA games where this hero performed well as a tank/support especially if provided with the right items. Nonetheless, underestimating the offensive capabilities of this hero is a big mistake. His ultimate skill can cause absurd amount of damage to enemy heroes. Most of his skills affect a certain area making him a very effective hero during team clashes. His second skill can disable enemies in a line so casting it with perfect timing could decide a late game clash. Jakiro’s first skill on the other hand, is a great harassing and farming tool which made him effective during the early and mid game as well. Jakiro is certainly a good pick if you want an all-around hero. If you never played with this DOTA hero before, here are some Dota hero tips that can help you set forth the true might of Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon.

Dual Breath

This skill is a perfect harassing and farming tool. It affects a certain area which made it a reliable skill during team clashes. Upgrading this skill should be your main priority. Many experienced Jakiro users even choose this skill over his ultimate. Doing so can’t be considered a bad move as you can only use Jakiro’s last skill effectively if the second skill is already maxed. Spamming this skill early on is a must so be sure to pack up a lot of mana regenerating items before leaving the fountain.

Ice Path

Casting Jakiro’s ultimate skill is pointless without this skill as it holds enemy down. The disable time increases per level so be sure to upgrade this skill especially if your team lacks disablers. This skill can entirely decide a late game clash so casting it at the right time and area is a must. Be careful if you have a moving target since this skill requires .5 seconds before it unleashes its disabling effect.

Liquid Fire

Some consider this skill useless since Jakiro is an intelligence type hero and should rely on skills to damage enemies. However, keep in mind that this skill is not based on chances. Jakiro’s attack will acquire this effect every five seconds so you don’t need to purchase attack speed boosting items to benefit most from this skill. The bonus damage of this skill is not something to laugh about. It can also affect structures making Jakiro a decent lane pusher.


Only a few heroes can survive after taking the full power of Jakiro’s ultimate skill. However, causing damage to enemy heroes with this skill is almost impossible if you can’t hold them down. This is the main reason why this skill works in conjunction with Ice Path. Heroes with AOE disables such as Treant Protector, Rogue Knight, and Tide Hunter can make this skill even more devastating.

Early Game

Jakiro is very easy to handle during the early game due to this skill. Being an intelligence hero gave him enough mana regeneration to spam this skill early on which makes farming and harassing enemy heroes a lot easier. Jakiro can dominate a lane with ease particularly if the enemy heroes confronting him are weak starters. A Bottle and Crow item combination is a good pick for Jakiro especially if you are assigned on the mid lane. Otherwise, rushing an Arcane Boots is highly advised. Despite Jakiro’s excellent farming capability, your main goal is to harass enemy heroes and grab kills to stop them from being effective in the later part of the game. It won’t be hard given Jakiro is a ranged hero and has a reliable set of skills.

Mid Game

Jakiro is a great ganker as he can disable multiple enemies with his second skill. However, it takes experience to cast his second skill well. Analyzing enemy movements is a must for you to do so. Jakiro’s first skill can also help during chases as it slows down enemies to a certain extent. Most DOTA players use this hero as a support or tanking but he don’t forget that he can be a killer as well. Jakiro’s ultimate skill is highly effective during the early and mid game so you should grab the opportunity. Cast it if you successfully disabled a few enemy heroes with your second skill and you’ll surely be rewarded with a kills. Probably the only thing that Jakiro lacks is an escape mechanism so buying a Force Staff or Kelen’s Dagger is a good move. You can also benefit from these items offensively making it a win-win investment.

Late Game

Most intelligence type heroes are weak during the late game as their skills won’t be so effective given enemy heroes already acquired items to counter them. Sad to say, Jakiro is not exempted to this truth. Nonetheless, it does not mean he is weak during this part of the game. His second and last skill combination can decide a team clash if casted with excellent timing. Jakiro has good strength gain so he doesn’t need to worry so much about surviving a team clash. Purchasing items such as Mekansm and Pipe of Insight can greatly help your team win late game clashes.An Aghanim’s Scepter can greatly boost your ultimate skill so buying it is a good move as well. If you played well during the early and mid game, the late game won’t be a problem as you already acquired the needed items to tank and support while harassing your enemies along the way.


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