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DOTA Hero Tips: Goblin Techies (Bomb Placement Strategy Included!)

Updated on October 25, 2012

Goblin Techies can literally explode and turn the tides of a game in favor of your team. However, to use this DOTA hero effectively, one should know how to read enemy movement patterns. Setting up three or four mines on paths leading to neutral creeps will disallow them from farming. This can be game breaking as there will be on way for their hero carry to gather enough items and be effective in the later part of the game. Many DOTA beginners love this hero mainly because of his suicide skill. Aside from dealing a huge amount of damage in an area which often causes double or even triple kills, you’ll respawn half the usual time plus your killing streak won’t be broken. How’s that for a skill? But keep in mind that Goblin Techies is not just all about suicidal tactics. There are more to this hero that made him one of the most feared intelligence heroes in the Sentinel.

Goblin Techies Skills
Goblin Techies Skills

Early Game

Most Goblin Techies users simply purchase boots and suicide the moment they see an enemy hero. Although this technique is quite effective, you’ll realize that planting mines ahead of time is much effective. To do this technique, choosing Goblin Techies the moment heroes are available is a must. Time is not on your side since creeps will be spawning soon. Purchase a town portal and three or four clarity potions. Teleport to wherever lane you want to be and start planting those mines. Position the mines on a certain spot closest to the enemy creep’s path. Nonetheless, don’t get them too close as your mines will detonate if stepped upon by even a creep. If you are fast enough, planting four mines is possible. A first blood is almost assured if you positioned these mines right. The main role of Techies on an early game is to pressure enemy carries. Agility heroes often have very low hit points so you should target them. They’ll be very hard to kill during the later part of the game if well farmed so keep them away from the creeps.

Mid Game

This is where you should start exploring. Plant mines on enemy creeping areas so they’ll be obliged to waste gold in buying a gem of true sight. Once they do so, ambush the hero carrying the gem. The more invisible you are on the map, the better. This will leave your enemies baffled as to what lane your bombs are concentrated. They’ll definitely hesitate pushing which leaves a great opportunity for your hero carry to farm. Just plant your mines and bombs in crucial places of the map and your enemy will surely find a hard time moving around.

Late Game

Your job is done here. Leave the rest to your carry who eventually farmed strong items thanks to you. If you managed to kill several heroes in the process and earned some gold, purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter. It will increase the casting range of your last skill so you can join a clash and simply plant and detonate on the sideline.

Mentioned Items:

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Bomb Placement:

To be an effective Goblin Techies user, you should know where mines are best planted. Here are some spots where kills are assured. Keep in mind that you are only limited to 20 mines. Carefully study the enemy heroes and their items. Are most of them strength type and have high hit points? If this is the case, then place five mines on your chosen spots. If you observe that majority of their heroes are agility or intelligence type, even three level 4 mines would do so you can plant on more places.

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