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DOTA Hero Tips: Centaur Warchief

Updated on October 25, 2012

Centaur Warchief is the best DOTA tanker. His third skill damages any hero that attacks him while his last skill greatly boosts his life points. The best thing about Centaur Warchief is that he offers tremendous attack capabilities as well with his first and second skill which made him a perfect tank. He is often used by DOTA beginners due to his high life points and regeneration. The only problem about Centaur Warchief which he share amongst many melee DOTA heroes is the fact that he needs to get close to an enemy to unleash his attacks. Good thing is that Kelen’s dagger and force staff are there to solve this problem. Some also use Lothar’s edge but it’s highly discouraged since it can easily be countered with a gem of true sight. If you are interested to play Centaur Warchief on your upcoming important DOTA game, here are a couple of tips that can help you be effective in all stages of the game.

Early Game

To be an effective tanker during the later part of the game, you should farm. Purchase items that can boost your hit points. Healing potions are also imperative especially if the enemy heroes on your lane are good harassers. Rushing a ring of health is a good idea since Centaur’s last skill boosts your hit points and having a huge amount of health regeneration can help you stay longer on the lane. This will open up more farming possibilities and you can gain a lot of experience in the process as well. Some DOTA players rush Kelen’s dagger but it should be on a case to case basis. Centaur can initiate but only if your team does not have a better initiator. His main role is to tank and Kelen’s dagger won’t help you on that matter.

Mid Game

You can participate in ganks but it’s not a must. However, if your team lacks disablers, you don’t have a choice but to be with them while ambushing enemy heroes. In this kind of situation, purchasing Kelen’s dagger or force staff is a must as well. It will be very hard to land a hit with your first skill without these items. Don’t worry about mana regeneration since you don’t need mana for the rest of your skills to work. If enemy heroes are not on their lane, search for them on neutral creep’s area. A ranged hero with good slow or disabling skills and a decent physical attack or burst damage can work well with Centaur Warchief during ganks.

Late Game

This is where Centaur’s tanking power is greatly felt. All you need to do is go out there and absorb as much enemy hits possible. Purchasing blade mail and using it on the right moment can decide a clash. You should target the enemy carry. If they tend to disregard you and target your allies, spam your first and second skill to annoy them. Your high damage will definitely make them have second thoughts about ignoring you.

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