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DOTA Hero Tips: Magnataur

Updated on August 19, 2012


Only a few strength type DOTA heroes can be very effective during the late game and one of them is Magnataur. This hero amazed me a lot because he has enough power to eliminate multiple foes at the same time. Bullying him won’t be easy as well since Magnataur has skills that can aid him to earn gold and experience. If given the right items and used properly, this hero can kill an enemy team singe-handedly. Nevertheless, constant practice is a must for you to bring out Magnataur’s true battling potentials. Are you a complete beginner in DOTA and is interested about using this infamous hero in your next game? Here are some simple yet proven effective tips that can help you unleash the devastating power of Magnus the Magnataur!

Shock Wave

This skill allows Magnataur to farm easily even during the early stages of the game. Magnataur is often assigned on the mid lane since he has this skill to aid him in gaining lane advantage. The mana cost of this skill is very low so even a Bottle and Crow item combination is enough to support your mana needs as you spam it. This skill also delivers a considerable amount of damage. Only a few heroes in DOTA can survive after being hit by this skill in succession. Rushing a Perseverance can also help you maintain enough mana to cast this skill and make Magnataur an unstoppable farming and killing machine.


Magnataur can overpower even might agility heroes in the late game with the help of this skill. It does not only improve his damage but also grants cleaving effect on his every attack. This skill made him very dangerous especially during team clashes. If you just know how to position yourself well, eliminating multiple enemy heroes at once is possible. You can also further enhance the effect of this skill by purchasing items that can boost your damage such as Buriza Do Kyanon and items that can improve your innate cleaving ability like Battle Fury. Like Magnataur’s first skill, this also has measly mana requirement and cool down time which makes it very reliable.


This skill made Magnataur an excellent chaser. You don’t need to worry about purchasing items just to improve your mobility. The damage that this skill can bring upon is no joke. If casted in conjunction with Magnataur’s first skill, the target will be left barely alive. You can then finish him off with a couple of physical hits while your second skill is activated. Aside from its offensive use, this skill can also save you at times if you end up facing a very tight situation. Always remember to use the terrain while casting this spell so enemy heroes chasing you will be left in the dust.

Reverse Polarity

Magnataur is known as one of the best initiators in DOTA because of this skill. Upon casting every unit in a certain area will be sucked towards Magnataur. The damage of this skill is not that high yet its stun time is long enough for Magnataur to finish off every unit around him. Using your second skill before going close to a group of heroes and casting this skill, is a must. You need cleave in your attacks to damage multiple enemies at the same time. Mask of Madness is a perfect item for Magnataur since this skill provides him with enough room to cast the item’s effect without suffering from its drawbacks.

Early Game

Magnataur plays well in every part of the game. Early on, you can either go offensive or defensive. Your decision should depend on what heroes you are up against. If enemy heroes on your lane are weak starters, be sure to get the most out of it. Harass them with your first skill and don’t hesitate to chase them with your third. If paired with a hero who offers a reliable disabling or crippling skill like Vengeful Spirit and Skeleton King, it will be very easy for Magnataur to grab the first skill and dominate a lane. Heroes that can support an ally’s mana needs like Obsidian Destroyer and Keeper of the Light play well with Magnataur as well. Just make sure you farm enough so you won’t find it hard to be an effective carry throughout the later stage of the game.

Mid Game

You don’t need to join ambushes. However, if you think your team needs a damage dealer and a chaser, they’ll surely appreciate your assistance. Whether to purchase Kelen’s Dagger or not depends on the situation. You must only purchase the mentioned item if most enemy heroes have reliable escaping mechanisms which make them very hard to chase even with your third skill. Don’t forget that you can also cast your second skill to allies. Cast your ultimate skill if needed but make sure you maintain a close distance with your target. Magnataur’s ultimate skill is not casted instantly so excellent timing is a must so you can maximize its devastating effect. Continue farming if your allies can handle ambushes without you.

Late Game

You’ll be unstoppable if you manage to grab luxurious items such as Buriza Do Kyanon, Monkey King Bar, and Assault Cuirass during this stage of the game. You should initiate team clashes to leave enemy heroes off guard. Your third skill is enough to do the trick but using a Kelen’s Dagger for this purpose is much ideal. Once you positioned well, cast your ultimate skill at once. Activate Mask of Madness and observe how Magnataur easily rips off massive health points from enemies around him. In just a few seconds, he can eliminate even the toughest heroes in DOTA with the mentioned setup carried out perfectly. The devastating power of Magnataur is known by most experienced DOTA players, which is the main reason why he is often banned in professional games.


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