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DOTA Hero Tips: Puck the Faerie Dragon

Updated on September 5, 2012
Faerie Dragon Profile
Faerie Dragon Profile


Puck is one of the few intelligence type heroes who can initiate. He is highly effective especially during team clashes as majority of his skill affect a certain area. Another interesting fact about this hero is his high survivability. It’s almost impossible to kill Faerie Dragon given he has either a Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff. By simply using his third skill at the right moment, he can dodge spells that are thrown. Puck’s first skill can also serve as an escape mechanism. Puck is particularly effective against heroes who highly depend on spells to damage opponents. He is also an excellent ganker which is why Puck is often roams during the mid part of the game. Despite boasting an excellent set of skills, Puck will end up useless if controlled by an experienced DOTA player. If you are interested about using this hero on your next DOTA game, here are a few helpful tips. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you’ll certainly realize how the game’s outcome can be easily deiced by Puck the Faerie Dragon.

Faerie Dragon Skill set
Faerie Dragon Skill set

Illusory Orb

This is probably the hardest to master among Puck’s skills. You need perfect timing in casting the teleport skill before the Illusory Orb vanishes. Nevertheless, if used appropriately, this skill can serve as a perfect skill both on the defensive and offensive end. With this skill you can instantly teleport in or out of battle in an instant while damaging enemies that crosses with its path.

Waning Rift

The AOE silence and damage that this skill offers made it a perfect combination for Puck’s first skill. After closing the distance with enemy ranks, casting this skill will make them easier to kill. You’ll definitely be in danger on this situation yet it’s good to know that your third skill is there to keep you away from any harm in a certain point of time.

Phase Shift

This skill made Puck very almost impossible to kill. Experienced Puck users make sure to maximize this skill as soon as possible. He can evade both physical and spell damage with this skill. Its cooldown time is very low as well. All you need is an item for escape such as Kelen’s Dagger and Force Staff. With any one of these items at hand in conjunction with Puck’s third skill, surviving from even the most devastating enemy attacks is a breeze.

Dream Coil

Puck’s ultimate skill made him a reliable hero during team clashes. It may not pack a lot of damage yet its clipping effect offers a stun long enough for your allies to eliminate the most dangerous enemy heroes. If casted at the right moment, this skill can entirely decide the outcome of an important late game clash. Be sure to target the enemy carry as killing him at once could provide good leverage on your team. Most enemy heroes who underestimate this skill ended up regretful so it’s a must that you get the most out of Puck’s ultimate skill.

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Early Game:

Puck may looks weak but he’s definitely not! In fact, he’s one of my favorite intelligence type heroes. If used efficiently, Puck is impossible to kill. With his third skill and an escape item like Force Staff or Kelen’s Dagger, this hero can evade harm with ease. However, Puck often starts slow unless he takes the mid lane. Puck’s role during the early game is situational. By simply looking at his skill build, you’ll observe that he is a natural initiator. This means your early game must focus on grabbing experience and gold. Grab last hits and spam your first skill if possible. Being ahead in terms of items and level will greatly increase Puck’s initiating capabilities during the mid game. Just focus on your lane. If enemy heroes try to ambush you early on, simply use your second and first skill to silence them and teleport away.

Mid Game:

Fairie Dragon is unstoppable in the mid game. He is an exceptional ganker with his first, second, and ultimate skills. His third skill made him even a much trickier opponent as it can negative skills and keep Puck safe after initiating a surprise attack. A Dagon Scepter is a must if you prefer an aggressive build. Nonetheless, you can settle with Linken’s Sphere to further boost your defense. Puck is not item dependent so you don’t need to worry about farming. Just roam the map and grab several kills. If possible, target enemy carries and those that highly depend on item to be effective. If you managed to bully them early on, your team won’t find them hard to eliminate during late game clashes. While ambushing enemy heroes, it’s advised that you go with an ally who boasts excellent disabling skills such as Skeleton King, Dragon Knight, Rouge Knight, and Vengeful Spirit.

Late game:

It’s normal for magic spells to be less effective during the late game. One unique aspect about Puck is that his ultimate skill’s importance on team clashes won’t wither. In fact, it can be the deciding factor. If timed accordingly, you team will surely gain advantage. Always keep in mind that Puck is an initiator. You must be brave enough to confront enemy heroes firsthand. Don’t worry because your third skill is always there to serve as your defense mechanism. After your third skill’s effect is depleted, you can help your teammates finish off remaining enemy heroes with your Dagon Scepter. Your first and second skills will cooldown by that moment as well. To be an effective Puck user, it’s a must that you carefully take into consideration every skill your enemy heroes are capable of. By doing so, you can time your third skill well and easily evade almost any skill thrown at you.


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