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DOTA Hero Tips: Stealth Assassin

Updated on August 16, 2012


Stealth Assassin is probably one of the strongest team carry in DOTA. His last skill which grants permanent invisibility is one of the key factors why he is very effective yet his first skill is as important. It does not only hinder enemy heroes from casting spells but also causes them to miss. If you are within the Smoke Screen’s area of effect, you have no option left but to run. However, who would run knowing that Stealth Assassin’s physical attack can be highly boosted if done in the enemy’s back? Coming up with a reasonable solution to this problem is almost impossible. For those who are hungry for more Stealth Assassin guidelines, this article is your best destination. Read further and discover how devastating Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin can be!

Smoke Screen

This skill is Rikimaru’s way to defend himself from enemies who boast high amount of spell and physical damage. It should be noted that Stealth Assassin has a measly health points. Buying a Heart of Tarasque or other items that can boost his health points is not a good idea as it will only be a waste of time. This skill is more than enough for Stealth Assassin to gain battle advantage and force the enemy hero to turn away. With this skill, it will be easier for you to maximize Stealth Assassin’s third skill. This skill also made Stealth Assassin a nightmare for most intelligence type heroes and others who solely rely on skills to be effective on both offensive and defensive end.

Blink Strike

Rikimaru is can easily chase a fleeing enemy hero with this. Moreover, it also grants bonus damage with stacks to Stealth Assassin’s third skill. The measly cooldown time of this skill made it even better. You’ll need only a few mana points to cast this spell. Most expert Stealth Assassin users focus on upgrading his second and third skill. Aside from its offensive uses, you can also free away from an enemy with this skill. It will also be easier for you to land the killer blow during a clash so you’ll gain more gold from every enemy kill. Your teammates will gladly let you grab the kill since you’ll need to gold in purchasing luxurious items and be a much effect carry.


This is Stealth Assassin’s bread and butter skill. Upgrading this to the fullest as soon as possible is imperative. Always remember that the higher Stealth Assassin’s agility point is, the higher his damage. Buying items which boost his main stats is crucial to make him more potent during battles. Consider The Butterfly and Sange and Yasha. Most DOTA experts also use Mask of Madness to intensively increase Stealth Assassin’s movement and attack speed while chasing enemy heroes and exploiting the damaging effect of this skill. With your first skill at hand, you don’t need to worry about enemies having devastating skills and physical damage. Activate your Mask of Madness once your target is caught by your Smoke Screen.

Permanent Invisibility

Stealth Assassin gained his name because of this skill. Despite the exciting effect of this skill, it can easily be countered by a Gem of True Sight, Dust of Appearance, or Sentry Ward. This skill will be rendered useless as well against heroes who have their way of countering invisibility such as Drow Ranger, Slithereen Guard, and Bounty Hunter. Nonetheless, upgrading this skill still remains a must. Most enemies would not want to spend a considerable amount of gold during the early part of the game just to counter Stealth Assassin. Be sure to maximize this chance and farm as much as possible.

Early Game

Stealth Assassin will have a hard time before he turns level six. Don’t bother going near enemy creeps and landing last hits since enemy heroes will surely harass you. Just stay close enough to gain experience. By level six, you can sneak unnoticed and kill all the creeps you want without worrying about enemy hits. Whether you’ll be aggressive or not entirely depends on the situation. If the enemy heroes confronting you on the lane have weak presence, harass them with your second skill then stop attacking them to turn invisible again. If any of them end up having less than half of their total health points, cast your first skill at once to stop them from fleeing and make it easier for you to eliminate your target. However, your main goal is to farm and gain enough gold to buy all the necessary items for you to be highly effective during the later part of the game.

Mid Game

If you did well during the early game, it’s most likely that you already have decent items. A Mask of Madness and Power Threads on your inventory are good enough to eliminate even toughest heroes in DOTA. Your main goal is to kill squishy enemies first. You don’t need to worry about intelligence heroes who boast alarmingly strong spells since your first skill can silence them long enough for you eliminate them with ease. Stealth Assassin is good at ambushes since enemy heroes won’t even notice that he is beside them given they don’t have anything to counter his permanent invisibility. Roam the map and grab as much kills possible to not only gain more gold but experience as well.

Late Game

Stealth Assassin has innate carry capabilities. Even with just a few items, he can eliminate enemy heroes with ease. Probably the best way to counter-attack Stealth Assassin is a Blade mail. If this is the case, you should purchase Black King Bar so you’ll avoid Blade mail’s devastating effect. Your role during team clashes is to annihilate enemy heroes with very low health points. Intelligence type heroes are easy targets for Stealth Assassin as he can rely on his first skill to disable them from using any of their destructive or defensive spells. Once you got rid of the weaker ones, your teammate can help you eliminate the tankers and those with high evade rate and armor. Just make sure to farm and grab items that can increase your agility points and attack speed to assure that you’ll be effective during the late game.


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