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DOTA Hero Tips: Templar Assassin

Updated on August 16, 2012


Templar Assassin gives her name enough justice as she can eliminate even heroes with high health points and decent defense in an instant without them noticing. She is a perfect example of how assassins should move. She confuses enemy heroes with her ability to be invisible in a certain spot for an indefinite period of time and unleash a devastating attack once given the chance. However, Templar Assassin is not a common pick in pub games. What brought upon this situation? Is she not strong enough? Are there specific items that are vital to effectively use this hero? How can we unleash the devastating battle abilities of Lanaya the Templar Assassin?


This skill is very tricky. While activated, Lanaya can take a couple of enemy hits and render them useless. The effect is applicable for both physical or spell damage. Most experienced Templar Assassin users focus on upgrading this skill over her second and third and it’s definitely not a bad idea. Aside from the defensive use of Refraction, it is also perfect for offense. In most cases, heroes will unleash their most devastating attack as the battle commences. It will be too late for them to realize that their actions were wrong. This skill has very cool down as well so spamming it as long as you have enough mana pool is a brilliant idea.


Like most DOTA heroes regarded as assassins, Lanaya also boasts a skill which grants invisibility. However, the one she has is quite unique as its effect is infinite as long as you remain still. Moreover, an attack from this state will have bonus critical damage. The most exciting part is that you can basically hit an enemy target with a critical hit twice as the skill cools down while the previous cast’s effect is still on. Those who underestimate the power of this skill ended up dead in a matter of seconds. This skill also requires a measly mana to be casted so there’s no need to concentrate in buying items that can support your mana points and regeneration.

Psi Blades

This skill grants a cleaving attack and enhances Lanaya’s range. The most exciting part is that it also gives Templar Assassin bonus damage reaching up to 240 at last level. You’ll find it easier to farm with the effect of this skill. Psi Blades also made Templar Assassin an effective bully. He can dominate the lane by simply attacking creeps in a direction straight to enemy heroes thus damaging them in the process as well. This technique is not easy to follow but if done accordingly could be good enough to keep enemy heroes at bay stopping them from gaining both gold and experience.

Psionic Trap

A lot of DOTA players disregard this skill yet experienced ones will know that the right placement of these traps could decide a game. You can use this skill as a ward so you’ll know if the enemy is planning to ambush you. Spam this spell especially in fogged areas. This skill is also a very efficient tool during chases. Its cast range is very high and planting it will cost you a split second so it can be placed on an advanced area. Detonating it will greatly slow down his movement speed and will make it easier for the whole team to catch up and annihilate him.

Early Game

Despite having a measly health points, Templar Assassin does well during the early part of the game because of her third skill. You can even bully enemy heroes with it if you just know how to use it accordingly. If you are in trouble, cast your second skill at once and you’ll be out of it in no time. You can easily get over enemy harassment with your first skill as well given you have enough mana points and regeneration to support it. Rushing a Perseverance, Ring of Bacilius, or Urn of Shadows is a brilliant idea while using Templar Assassin. Your main role is to grab as much kills as possible. You will find it easy if you have a good partner who boasts excellent crippling or stunning skills such as Viper, Venomancer, and Ogre Magi.

Mid Game

Ganking is Templar Assassin’s play. With her ultimate skill, catching up with heroes who have high movement speed won’t be a problem. Buying items that could increase your mobility such as a Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff will greatly improve Templar Assassin’s attacking power as well. Remember that her second skill has a very low range so you’ll find it easier to land a hit with the items mentioned a while ago on your inventory. The armor reduction of Lanaya’s second skill will be very useful as well. Most Lanaya users even purchase Stygian Desolator and Assault Cuirass to maximize its effect. Always join ambushes and grab a couple of kills to easily earn gold and experience.

Late Game

During team clashes, Templar Assassin’s third skill will play a vital role since it allows her to hit more than one target. Her ultimate skill is also handy as you can detonate it once the clash commences to keep enemy heroes away from their comfort zones. Always remember that enemy heroes will see your trap if they have a Gem of True Sight or Dust of Appearance is activated. Work hand in hand with your team mates to eliminate heroes who can counter your ultimate skill so you can bring upon your true devastating attack and chasing power to their maximum use.


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