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DSi Screen Protector

Updated on January 16, 2011

DSi Screen Protector


Why Buy a DSi Screen Protector

The Nintendo DSi is a fantastic console, but it does not take much for this fantastic handheld device to become unusable thanks to minor scratches on it's dual screen set-up. The good news is that there are a variety of Nintendo DSi screen protectors which provide an extra layer of protection for your Nintendo DSi.

A DSi Screen Protector will take the worst of the damage that your Nintendo DSi screens would otherwise suffer from. However unlike a damaged screen, a DSi screen protector can easily be replaced for a few dollars.

These simple yet effective items can help save you the huge cost of replacing your Nintendo DSi screens, or even buying a new Nintendo DSi console.

If you have decided to buy a Nintendo DSi Console for yourself, or as a gift, you should definitely grab some screen protectors to help keep the console for safe from damage. They are cheap, easy to apply, and are easily replaceable if they do get damaged!

DSi Screen Protector

A Nintendo DSi Screen Protector is the perfect low cost solution to prevent nintendo DSi screen damage. With a simple screen protector you can easily save the cost of replacing your beloved Nintendo DSi.

You can get a wide variety of DSi screen protectors, which vary greatly in price. You can get a cheap $1 screen protector, or spend ten dollars on a high quality screen protector. The real difference between price range is that cheap screen protectors are more susceptable to 'bubbling' and are also less effective at preventing deeper scratches from reaching your Nintendo DSi screen.

Most people head for the median, and buy Nintendo DSi screen protectors which have around a five dollar value. These tend to have a fairly high quality, and can protect against most accidents, but they also still come at a realy good price.

Nintendo DSi XL Screen Protector

If you decided to upsize, you can easily buy a DSi XL Screen Protector which fits the larger screens of the Nintendo DSi XL. DSi XL Screen protectors are generally a little more expensive than the Nintendo DSi screen protector. This is down to both the larger screen size of the Nintendo DSi XL screen, which needs more coverage, and is more susceptable to knocks and scratches.

A simple DSi XL screen protector can help prevent screen damage, cushioning from knocks and scratches from sharp objects. As with the Nintendo DSi, it is expensive to replace the screens on this fabulous handheld gaming console, and in some cases you might as well buy a whole new Nintendo DSi XL console.  For less than 10 dollars however you can buy a DSi XL screen protector which will help keep your Nintendo DSi XL safe.

How to Apply the DSi Screen Protector

While it is simple to apply a DSi screen protector to your Nintendo DS console, you do have to be careful.

You should place the edge along the bottom of your DSi screen, and slowly push it down further and further up. As you progress use your thumb to make sure that no bubbles form behind the DSi screen protector. These bubbles will interfere with the touch screen, and make the visuals worse!

The main thing to remmeber is to just be patient, this process only takes two to three minutes, but applying your DSi screen protector slowly and carefully will give you a much better result than if you just lay it down on top of the screen!


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