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De Blob Walkthrough 1: Introduction and Review

Updated on March 29, 2009

Hello, everyone, and welcome to De Blob Strategy Guide. I’ll start with a little introduction, as well as a little review.

Let me start by saying that this is the coolest game that I have played in a long time. And I have played some of the more popular ones including Super Mario Galaxy, Rockband 2, and the last Tomb Raider game. Of course, it is tough to beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

In case you don’t know the premise, it is both cute and dark at the same time. De Blob lives in a land of Raydia, which was once thriving in color and the people were happy. Sadly, this utopia quickly became a dystopia when an evil corporation named INKT suddenly takes over and makes everything black and white.

As a result, the world looks like something out of George Orwell’s 1984. Their only hope is a small underground movement who is set out to color the world. You play De Blob, who goes around squashing paintbots to fuel up on “paint points”, and then splats himself against buildings and other objects to color his world for the better.

Unfortunately, de Blob has a certain time limit that he is able to color the levels that he goes through. Fortunately, there are challenges that de Blob can perform that will extend his time, and extra time is given when he frees Raydians and destroys enemy Inkies.

Here are some strategies that you should know:

Paint Everything. Anything that is white, including the rocks around the towns that you are paintable. This also includes the benches, cans, and lampposts all round the town. The more you paint, the bigger your “painting percentile” is at end of the level.

First the Challenges, then free the Raydians. Since De Blob is one of those games that requires time-oriented challenges, you should do the challenges to get the extra time. If you start painting city blocks, you might have to just paint them again in a challenge. There would be no point repainting it.

Watch out for Ink Villains. Always make certain that you have paint points in case you get hit by Ink foes. Ink causes you to slowly die, and only water can save you. If you get hit, you will have enough energy to make it to water. In fact, you really should know where the water is.

Always have as much paint points as possible. This way, you will always have points to spare when facing challenges.

Bonuses in the game are obtained by getting a few things while you are playing. During the level, you can check your progress by pushing the “+” key.

Painting Percentage: The game keeps tabs on if you have painted everything. This can be complicated, as this includes every wall, bench, garbage can, or whatever the heck else. The rule of De Blob is if it is white, then color it up. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find areas that need to be colored, and it pays to color outside the lines. The best way to find the places that you may have missed coloring is to do all the challenges, and then go to your compass by hitting “A”. A white box will point you in the proper direction. Eventually, you wil get all of them for 100 percent.

Trees: These appear as dried up twigs when you first enter the world, and when you touch them, they bloom in whatever color that de Blob is. There are a certain number on every level, and they usually are in small or large groups, seldom alone. Sometimes, they are growing in rocks, and the only way to color them is to touch the rock with color.

Transforms: After a certain amount of color energy points, a transforms will be revealed. This will color a big area with one small jump. It will color any trees within its range, and turn ink into water.

Raydians: After you paint a building block a certain color, this will usually free a group of Raydians from these buildings. They usually come out in Batches of seven or eight. However, they occasionally hang around in smaller groups, and they can even travel alone at times. They are gray until they are freed by touching them with paint of any color.

Billboards: You will see these in the game posted on walls or high atop buildings. They are usually black and white and boring until de Blob can put a little color into them with one touch of paint of any color.

Styles: These are purple spirals that you will find a select number of in the levels.

Challenges: These are represented by arrows of varying colors in the game. Green means a painting challenge, Blue means following marker flares to a specific goal, gold means a landmark puzzle (see below), and orange means defeating enemies.

Landmarks: In certain challenges, there are buildings that have to be colored in a certain way. Blob will lock himself into place, and the player has to shake the Wiimote in order to change the specific place.

Time Bonus: If you can make it through the level without dying, you will get this bonus. There are Life-Erases available during the game that will allow an extra life in case you die for any reason.

Blimp: During the game, a giant airship will fly by. You usually can’t hit it from the ground level, but if you are at a high place, and jump at it with any color, you will earn the blimp bonus.

The Walkthrough

There are approximately ten levels in this game, and this is a guide on how to beat all of them, obtaining the rewards. I have given minimal instruction on how to beat the “sub-levels” that can be played after the main level is beat.


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      8 years ago

      I've dusted off De Blob again in anticipation of De Blob 2 coming out in March 2011. Your walkthrough is wonderfully detailed, but you don't mention the times. I can never seem to find all the times to get the award for the level. I manage to get the other awards, but the times are just too well hidden I guess. Is there a trick to it? Or do I just have to keep searching?


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