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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 1 From beginning to Forest Temple

Updated on February 24, 2009

Welcome to my Legend of Zelda Walkthrough/Strategy Guide! This is for those of you who are stuck, or who want to get through the game as soon as possible. I'm going to share with you how I got through the game, so you can have as much fun as I did. My plan is to go through this game one dungeon at a time, so there will be about ten chapters total, including one detailing the many mini-quests within the game.

Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. This game is not only complex to play, but it has a background mythology that is even more complicated, and I'm not going to really go into detail about that. Most of what you'll hear is what you need to do in order to beat the game. This is a "get ‘er done" type walkthrough, but please do not leave out the element of fun on your journey, not your destination.

Town Errands

Before you get into the game, your character, who you name whatever the heck you want, has some errands to run. Get used to that little map in the lower left corner of the screen, because your success in the game depends about it. For example, if you head northeast, and towards the big blue to the east, you'll be at Ordon Spring, where you will see Ilia and your horse, who you have also named whatever the heck you want.

Ilsa will be there saying she washed your horse, and there's some serious flirty undertones going on. But that's not important. See that horseshoe shaped grass? It comes in handy anytime you want to call your horse. Hit A to pick it, then hit A again to blow on it. You can mount your horse by getting on the side, and hit A.

Learn to ride your horse here. Head in a southern direction toward Ordon Village, and then go straight into town toward the stables. Note the A button that increases your speed, which you'll need later.

Talk to the stable guy, Fado, who will want you to herd the goats. All you need to do is gallop toward the goats and hit A to "whoop". Chase them around the edge an corral them into the barn. Occasionally, you'll get a goat who won't be herded, and will knock you off your high horse. Might want to chase him for a while, but he'll eventually submit.

After you've herded all 10, you should practice with the jumping with your horse. Notice the spur levels, and you need to be going at least two spurs in order to jump something, like the front gate. Jump it and get out of there.

From there, it's somehow the next morning. Don't ask me what you're doing up so high in your house, but climb down and leave. There's not much to do in your place, so leave through the front door. The kids, Beth, Talo, and Malo are talking about a slingshot. Want it? Go get it! You don't really need your horse for the next part, so head South to Ordon village again.

There is a few errands for you to run in Ordon Village. An old man talks to you about how he wants to get to a beehive because it contains some precious bee larva. He'll show you where he hive is, and he'll also show you where Sera's cat is, which should be noted for later.

You will also discover a pregnant woman who talks about a missing cradle. If you swim down the river, you'll see where the cradle went. A monkey is holding it. Get it back for her by climbing up the thing where an old guy is there. He shows you some grass that, like the horseshoe shaped stuff, causes stuff to happen. In this case, it summons a hawk who you can target using your Wiimote. Target the beehive first, and knock it down.

Then jump to the nearest rooftop and to the farthest rock down and use the grass to summon the hawk again. Target the monkey holding the cradle. Once the hawk retrieves the cradle, bring that cradle back to the pregnant woman, and follow her to her home until she gives you a fishing rod.

Go to the creek where Sera's cat is. Fish there using B and flick to cast. The best catches are done by watching that bobber thing go down and move, and then pulling up along with a winding motion on the numchuk controller, like how you would really use a reel. Your first catch won't do anything, but Sera's cat is nearby on the second catch. When you will drop it, the cat will go back to Sera, who owns a shop.

Enter Sera's shop, and she'll give you some milk. Select it as instructed, and drink it. The more empty bottles you can collect in this game, the better. You can then buy stuff from her like the slingshot, which costs about 30 rupees. You can collect Rupees in Ordon village easily by smashing pumpkins and running through the high grass. Just don't ask me what the heck money is doing there, because I wish money were that easy to obtain. If you climb the ladder near that creek, keep climbing up until you reach the top of the mayor's house. There's a yellow (10 Rupee) there. You can also climb the bee tree via the hanging vine for a 10 and a 5 Rupees.

When you get to the shop, the owner will give you milk. You use them for all sorts of things, trust me. Buy a slingshot, then go up to where the fallen beehive is and collect some bee larvae by selecting the empty bottle and scooping when prompted.

Run north towards home, and the kids will show you how to use the slingshot. Hit all the targets, and then learn that Z-target thing fast. That will help you out a lot. Like that spider that is on the ladder leading to your home, for instance. Go home, open the large chest in your living room, which contains a wooden sword. Everything good in this game comes in large chests. Go back out to the kids, and they'll instruct you on how to use it.

The Quest for the Kids and Monkeys

At that point in the game, a monkey comes out, and a kid chases after it. Get on your horse and go after him, going across the rope bridge and leaping the gate. At one point, the trail will fork, so take the northwestern trail and you'll see Coro, a kid with a head like an acorn. Take the lantern from him, and set it to B, for you will need it. Go back to the fork and head to the cave. Your horse will refuse to go with you, and you'll have to go on foot.

Kill monsters in your way by Z-targeting and attacking. You'll see pillars that you can light. Use the lamp sparingly, as the oil has a tendency to run out quickly. You need the lantern to burn through spider webs you will come in contact with. Once you leave the cave, you'll be in an open field. Take the path to the left (it will be marked with red bullseye) until you reach another cavern. At the end of this cavern is a chest with a key. Take the key, and then light the two torch pillars. Another chest will appear, opening it will reveal a Piece of Heart.

Just to let you know, whenever you see torch pillars, you should always light them. It usually makes something good happen.

From there, go to the southwestern part of the map and open the door with the key. You will see a shop there ran by a parrot named Trill. If you have an empty bottle, (which you probably don't at this stage unless you eat the bee larva) you can refill it with oil or red potion. The catch is you have to pay him either before you take or before you leave. Don't forget to do that, or he will treat you like a thief every time you come back. He will peck at you and do damage. You could steal from him, and take the damage, but there is money everywhere in this game and you might as well make an honest living. Unless you want to take more risks and live dangerously.

Go to the second bullseye and take out the guards. Slice the cage open and free Talo and his new monkey friend. From there, the warrior Rusl will tell you that you will go to Hyrule to make some sort of delivery.

Morning Before the Delivery

For some reason, you'll be back at the stables again, herding goats. Get on your horse, who will be nearby to get started. This time there are twenty goats to herd. After that superfluous errand is done, Head to the Hyrule mayor's, and Ilia, the mayor's daughter will take your horse from you.

Your horse is back to Ordon Spring. You have to give one of the kids your wooden sword, to go down that path. Since Ilia closed the gates to Ordon Spring, another child will show you a secret path to get in there. It's a hole that you need to crawl through, which is no problem.

Before you can get Ilia to give your horse back, all heck breaks loose! Guys on a big boars break down the gates, knock you out, and take away the children! All part of the game, along with the weird portal. You then run to the woods, only to find it twilight. An arm reaches in and grabs you, and this weird thing grabs you and hurls you away.

I Was a Zelda Werewolf

For some odd reason that is explained later in the game, you turn into a wolf! You wake up in jail, and you will meet Midna after you pull your chain for a while! This is very appropriate because this little annoying Goth imp likes to pull your chain.

Midna is a creepy chick, but she helps you along. She wants to see if you can free yourself. To get out of the cell, go into the corner where there is this box thing. Attack it by shaking your controller, like you're striking a sword. From there, dig using the D-pad key. Once you're out, go to the adjoining cell.

That Midna giggle you hear means she found something, so you always hit up on the D-pad to find out. Anytime Midna's hair becomes a beckoning arm, it usually means it's a Z-target plus A thing.

In this case, it is a pull switch above you. You will then open a door to find yourself in sewer-like area. This is where you first learn how to use your senses. As a wolf, you can see a lot more, like those spirits. In the sewers, you'll see a lot of pull-switches. Some of them will open doors. Watch out for those black spider creatures. They go down with one hit, but you can't attack them while you swim.

One of the pull switches is located near a dam that, when opened, lets water in. There is a spiked floor that cannot be passed unless this switch is pulled. From there, you can swim to the other side. Find another lever by a dam that lets the water out, and go through a hole in the corner.

From there, it's up a flight of stairs. You'll fall when you try to jump, and Midna giggle will tell you when to use Z + A. You will have to cross some tightropes, but the wolf form seems to do them effortlessly. When you get to the top, climb to the highest point on some stones, and then continue to jump until you hit the top door.

You're at the castle top now! Continue north, and listen to a spirit, who tells you that you are at Hyrule castle. Push a box to a log stage thing (there isn't a good way to describe this, you'll see) and then proceed. You'll be attack by three bird things, and my advice is run to as wide a space as you can and take them out. It's easy with jump attacks to stumble over the edge, so reduce your chances. You'll have to do a few Midna jumps before you reach your goal: the rooftop. Once you're there, run until you see a window and enter in. Then go until you get to the hall where you run up the stairs to first meet Zelda. Midna eventually sends you back to the Ordon Spring where she will instruct you to get a sword and shield.

Back to Ordon for Weapons

To find the location of sword and shield, go to the village and find where two people, the mayor and Rusl are talking. Get as close as you can without being seen and Listen (A button). The two of them will give the exact location away. Then you'll scare them, the old guy on the vantage point will then try and attack you with a hawk. By the way, you can't hurt the hawk, so don't even try. Don't try jumping to the waterwheel, either, I wasted at least two hours of game-time in this frustration.

To get the old guy, do this: Go to the shopkeepers, and Midna will help you leap on the roof. Then leap to the old guy's rock and scare him. From there, Midna will help you get in the house. When you're in the house, get on the table, and Midna help you jump up to the room with the shield on the wall. Slam into the wall hard twice (run and hit A) and the shield will be yours. There's a window nearby, so just get up, and you're out of it!

Now for the sword, remember that pregnant woman? Her house is guarded by Rusl, and you must find a back door to that house. Go to the side of it, and use your senses. You'll soon spot a place to dig, and you can dig your way in from there. Get the sword, and dig out the same way you dug in, and then head back to Ordon Spring!

At Ordon Spring, you'll face one of those black hairy guys, otherwise known as a shadow being. Then you get to meet one of the four light spirits. The spirt asks you to find the light, so you should head north.

Then you will meet three shadow beings at once. Just so you know, shadow beings can be killed individually, but if you leave one standing, it will roar and literally wake the dead. The best way to kill them is to use the B key to spread out an energy field. This field will "highlight" the attacker in question, and releaseing the B key quickly will attack and kill anything highlighted.

You will encounter the shadow beings many times in the course of the game. Always kill the last two at the same time, using the B energy attack as a wolf or spin attack as human.

The First Bug Hunt

Once the shadow beings are taken care of, keep going north until you see a swirling light, and it will give you a vessel of light to capture the tears of darkness. From here, your map will show you the location of these dark insects, which can be pursued in any order.

You need your senses to see and therefore attack these insects of darkness.

I usually Z and An attack these electric bugs, and they go down with one hit. They leave a blue light behind that you have to walk through to collect, or else it doesn't count. There are only a few insects who will give you trouble at this point.

For example, you'll need to find one in Coro's house. There is a ramp in the corner, and Midna will allow you to jump into his house. There are two dark bugs there. While I'm talking about your senses, don't forget to dig in the shiny places every once in a while, especially when you need the hearts. It's also helpful to get under locked gates, like the locked one you'll have to go through to get to the next few bugs.

When you get to the swamp, you'll need to do a lot of Z + A jumping. Careful of the swinging log, jump while it's not going to hit you. You will also encounter a few bugs that travel underground, but their shadow is visible. What you need to do is get on top of their shadow and dig. That will drive them out so you can kill them.

Toward the First Dungeon

Eventually, you will get all the bugs and fill the Vessel of Light, and you'll automatically be returned to the spring where you were given the quest. The spirit Faron restores you to human form, along with the green outfit. You will need to go to the purple dot, site of the first dungeon. You will need a key to get on a path, so go to the acorn head guy, and he'll give it to you. Go to the purple swamp, and turn your lantern on. Follow the monkey as he parts the poisonous fog. Your lantern will be out of oil by the time you reach the end, so fill it at the Trill's shop. Don't forget about the little tip I gave earlier.

The First Special Move

Before you get to the temple entrance, you'll see a glowing wolf. Go toward it, and it will take you away to learn a special move. This is one of seven special moves, and I'll give you all of them during this instruction. The first is the Ending Blow.

Forest Temple Dungeon

At the dungeon entrance, burn the web to enter. After a dark hall, enter the first room. You can climb some vines to your immediate left to get a 10 Rupee, but you'll need to take out two small spiders with your slingshot. Kill the guards and spiders, then free the monkey at the end of the room. Climb the brush for the doorway out. There are also totem poles in this room with treasure on them, slamming into them (running with A button) will knock the treasure chests down.

In the next room, there are exits at all sides. Kill the spider in the center of the room with a few jump-attacks, and then use your lantern to light all the torches on that dais. A platform will rise up, and cross it to the next door. There are some treasures in this room. If you kill one plant, he'll become a bomb. There is a rock nearby which you can blow up, and you'll see a chest with some Rupees. Opening the most prominent chest will get you the Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map will show you what rooms you have been in green, and is useful for showing you where you need to go, even displaying the location of the Boss.

Go through the door, and you'll see a white ape with a boomerang who takes out the bridge. He also moons you too, the little...anyway, you're not going that way anytime soon. Go back out the door you came in.

In returning to this room, the monkey will want to go west. He'll swing you along, and open that door. Immediately turn right, and take out the Venus Flytrap plant. He will become a bomb, and if he explodes near that area, he'll take out a wall. In that room are many vases, and one holds Ooccoo.

Ooccoo comes in handy by taking you out of the dungeon whenever you need more supplies. You can then go back to the dungeon exactly where you started. In some dungeons, you can leave with Ooccoo, save them game, and when you come back, select Ooccoo to be taken back exactly where you were before.

Follow the monkey and kill the big spider who blocks another giant door. The monkey will want you to go to the big door that's locked, but you'll need the key. Exit through the other door (the one that the big spider was blocking) and go across the bridge that moves with the wind. You can time it right, and enter the room there.

There's nothing much you can do in that room now, but you can get the small key on the right.

Go back to room with the locked door and open it up. This next room will have a monkey in a cage on top of a totem pole. As you go toward the totem pole, you will notice that the bridge collapses, but don't worry. Roll into the totem pole by hitting A as you run toward it, and it will shake. Roll into it enough times, and the monkey cage will fall off and be free. Two guards will come out, but they are easy pickins. The monkeys will help you out of the room by becoming human swingers.

Go back to the room with the three platforms. This time go east, via the swinging monkeys. There is a lot of creepy stuff in this room. The bigger man eater plants can only be destroyed with a bomb. For example, if you take out the bomb plant on the stairs and quickly run with the bomb until you release it over the big man eater plant, which will kill it. Now, kill the bomb plant again, take the bomb, jump over where the big mushroom thing was, and throw the bomb at the big rock ahead of you. It will unblock a door.

Enter that door, and the room will have a monkey locked away across a small body of water. There are two totem poles, shake one, and a chest will come down with the key in it. Walk across the bridge, but carefully, because these centipede-like things live under some of the tiles. As long as you don't walk on the centipede tiles, they won't be a problem. Light the pillars on that side, and some steps will be revealed. Kill the spider guarding the jail and unlock the door to free the monkey.

When you leave the room, take an immediate left. (South on the map) There will be some vines with two spiders. Slingshot those spiders, and jump to climb the vines. Open the door to the next room. There is a huge plant monster in this room. The head can be destroyed with a few sword swings. The body is one of those giant man eater plant things. You need to kill a bomb plant, and throw the bomb directly (and I do mean directly) into its mouth. The plant will die, and you can now grab its key to free the next monkey.

As you leave the room, notice the bomb plant to your left. Kill it, then drop it off the nearest edge. This will blow up a big mushroom, and you can get into a room with a chest with a Piece of Heart.

The Baboon Mini-Boss

Go back to the main dais room, and head north. The monkeys will now line up for you, and carry you along to the next room. The mini-boss is that big baboon with the boomerang. I realize that sounds like something off of Sesame Street, and he's child's play to defeat. He moves from top of one totem pole to the other, but always stops to use his boomerang to release some carnivorous plants on you. You'll need to kill the plants before they kill you. When the baboon stops, roll into the totem pole once or twice, and he'll fall off. Smack him in the butt a few times with your sword. Keep doing this until he gives up. Actually, a bug will fly off his brain, and I'm assuming he was possessed. He'll leave, but his boomerang will be left behind. Take the boomerang and leave by aiming it at the windmill thing above the door. That will raise up the bars after a few tries.

Fun with the Boomerang

When you leave the mini-boss room, take an immediate Left (east). Use the boomerang to alter the winds on the bridges, so you can cross. Defeat the guard near the monkey cage and use the boomerang on the rope holding the monkey cage up. You will have freed another monkey.

Follow the map and head back to the dais room. In the center are some vases and a chest hanging on webs. Using the boomerang, target the webs and get into the chest. Take out the Dungeon Compass.

The Dungeon Compass lets you know where all the secret chests are. Some of the chests you will need to open to get keys or something, but others just contain Rupees.

Get the Boss Key

Go west and back into the room with the water. Climb the vine or go over to the section with the four windmills. Follow the ZigZag pattern on the floor and boomerang-target the windmills in that order. The gates will open, and you can open the chest and get the boss key.

Head north out of that room. Follow the monkey to the one room with the rotating bridge in the middle. Target the windmill on the bridge with Z and walk straight across. Enter into the next room north of there.

There is a windmill bridge to your immediate right. Get on it and spin it using the boomerang on the windmill. There is another windmill bridge nearby. Spin that so it aligns with yours and cross over to it. Then spin the bridge you are on, and take out the guard. The spiders on the vine can all be taken out with the boomerang, in one throw. Keep climbing the vines until you get to the door, and enter in.

This next room has a big maneater plant in the water which you must take out. First boomerang the bomb plant on the other side of this room, which will bring you a bomb to throw. Throw the bomb at the man eater. It might take a few tries, but you'll get it in its mouth. Cross over to the chest and get the small key. Then target the bomb plant and the big rock on the east side of the room. The bomb will take out the rock, and you can climb the vine. Using both boomerang and sword, take out the carnivorous plants hanging off the ceiling. Get over to the edge of the area you're at and target the bomb plant. Take the bomb and blow up the rock in front of the entrance, and you'll free a monkey.

Go back to the room with the one windmill bridge and spin it so it faces you. Get on, spin it again until it's east-west facing, and head east.

In the room, there are webs on the floor. Burn the proper one by swinging your lantern until you fall down and can slice the monkey out of his cage. Climb a nearby vine to get back up again.

Leave the room and head immediately west. The monkey in this room is pretty easy to rescue, all you have to do is kill the monsters and use the boomerang on the windmill sections. You should know how to do all those things by now.

That is the last monkey, so go back the room with the one rotating bridge. Head immediately north, and go into the room where the monkeys have gathered. They will form a huge chain to get you to the other side, where you can face the boss. You should have the boss key to get into the room.

Slaying the Boss

From there you face Dungeon boss Twilit Parasite Diabala. Defeating him is quite easy, and if you run to the door, you have an easy vantage point where you can beat him but he can't touch you. You will notice bomb plants nearby. Target the bomb plant then one of the chomping heads, and you will take out the heads easily.

Unfortunately, it's only just begun. Three heads then come up, so you should probably wait a safe distance away until that white baboon guy shows up with a bomb in its feet. Target the bomb, then target a head. This maneuver will take out the side heads, then the main head. The head will collapse, revealing a vulnerable eye. Take out the eye with a few sword strikes, and eventually you will kill it. The head may rise again, so strike it down with the baboon's bomb and kill it using the Z+A Ending Blow.

Once the boss is defeated, go to take the heart and leave. Midna will take the Fused Shadow.


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      Giazelle 5 years ago

      this has nothing to do with this part because i already passed it, but when you go back to the west like it says, how do you get passed the set of rocks?

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      When does the white baboon guy come up with the boss?

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      Kiya 6 years ago

      Why wont the 3 monkeys line up? am I supposed to have 4

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      Morrigan 6 years ago

      Thanks so much I didn't know to blow up the boulder I was just running around like a chicken with its head cut off seriously.

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      bob the girl 6 years ago

      thanks soooo much i needed this simple hepl thanks

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      georgia 6 years ago

      when your in Faron woods and the three shadow monster things appear everybody says just hold down b and then when they all come into your circle you let go you kill them. That's not happing for me. will someone tell me what im doing wrong or what i should be doing that im not? HELP

    • profile image

      Sugar 6 years ago

      Thanxs I was so lost in this game

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      niki 6 years ago

      when i try to jump with the bomb, the bomb gets left behind:// it wont let me take it with me and the bomb explodes too fast xP

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      Kiseki 7 years ago

      Thank you very, very much on this one! I really appriciate it! It helped me so much, because I couldn't figure out how to blow up the rocks. (The rest kinda fell into place) But anyway, thanks bunches!

    • profile image

      Samantha 7 years ago

      What should i do after i have beaten the Goron Mines part? I am really confused about it because it said go west and i did but it says i cant go any further

    • profile image

      Roxas 7 years ago

      Dearest Mike, I've come to a complete hault in the game. I was in the water room getting the big key, when I had accidentally cut the bridge connecting the small chunk of land that contains the key to the opposite side! I'm really lost, and no other guides or forums have helped me; perhaps you can help me?

      What I'm really trying to ask is, if you've broken the bridge accidentally that allows you to get the big key, how do you get it back? Must I start over?

    • profile image

      jerry 7 years ago

      where do you go to find the forth monkey cause im lost?? iv checked everywhere!!!!!!

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      whatever 7 years ago

      After I finished the forest temple, i had to go back and get a heart piece but i can't really go anywhere in the temple because the monkeys aren't there to help me jump across the platforms

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      wolf girl 8 years ago

      i need to get past the gate to the exit in the dungeon but i cant. anybody got any ideas??

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      chowda 8 years ago

      thanks u got methru the faron castle . iwas stuck at the first spider spot for days

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      kolton 8 years ago

      i beat the whole game

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      Heath 8 years ago

      I got to the part where the monkey steals the lantern and leads me through the fog. Then I had to save and turn the game off. When I started it back up it pushed me back to the beginning of Faron Woods and now when I try to cross through the fog the monkey won't show up and steal my lantern. What do I do???

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      juss 8 years ago

      thank you..... lol i was screaming at the game, and then i foun this. yay, no more extreme confusion or frustration :P

    • profile image

      Link 8 years ago

      I had similar trouble Dei,

      I didn't know you could hit them all at once, By pressing Z with the boomerang, you can lock on to more than one, Maximum 5

    • profile image

      Dani 8 years ago

      Where do you go after you do the forest temple and where is it on the map

    • profile image

      aly 8 years ago


      lock on each windmill with "Z" in order

    • profile image

      Dei 8 years ago

      I have tried again and again to open the gate with the windmills. I did it in order as well. Do you have to keep the windmills all spinning at once?

    • profile image

      quesoer 8 years ago

      i have tried about 20 times to throw the bomb into the maneaters mouth but i cant get it into the mouth it just blows up behind it. i have tried several different places to stand and tried z targeting but still wont go into his mouth. is there something in particular im suppose to do to make it go into the mouth

    • profile image

      eh,why do you need to know? 8 years ago

      Er...It's impossible to get the bomb iver to the boulder. I tried fifteen times and I still get BLOWN UP!!!! DAMMIT!!!

    • profile image

      young link 8 years ago

      thanks for help.

    • profile image

      LINKIE 8 years ago

      That was AMAZINGLY helpful!Sometimes it was specific enough, but I got it! As u said, the boss Diaba or something was so easy thanx 2 u!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kc 9 years ago

      dudes thanks i was stuck on the forest temple for a while and my monkeys wouldn't swing me because i had three. due this is the best thank you so much dude you are the bom. Just thank you with out this help i would have been stuck on the forest temple and wouldn't have found the foruth monkey so thank you so much dude again thank you.

    • profile image

      Dan 9 years ago

      Update: I retried the forest temple with a "new" Link. This time, the monkeys did as planned, and I defeated Diababa. Not sure exactly why the other "quest" didn't work. I do remember that after releasing all the monkeys somehow I exited the game without saving. I was of course mortified after all that work, and I went back in immediately. I saw some monkeys following me, but something seemed different. Anyway, exiting without saving (was a complete accident) is the probable culprit. I wonder if that found a glitch in the software. Because thereafter, the game didn't seem to acknowledge that i had freed the monkeys, even though it showed all 8 released. On the dungeon map with the compass, it showed I needed to free 3 monkeys, but upon arrival in the various rooms, there was no monkey there, only empty cages. It was weird. Nevertheless, with a new try (and proper saving!) I got past that eternal loop.

    • profile image

      Dan 9 years ago

      Hi, I appear to have no way to get to the dungeon boss (forest temple). I have rescued 8 monkeys, and they are all on their platforms. But They do not form any kind of chain. Also, the map shows (I have the compass) that I have yet to get three monkeys, but every time I go where they are located, no monkeys are there. For instance, in the one "room" where a cage is on top of the pillar, the cage is there, with no monkey inside (although two are "helping me" across the bridge. Actually, the bridge stays intact, so I never use them. I can not figure out how to cross the chasm to get to Diababa (or whatever his name is.). Again, you can see all eight monkeys on those platforms.

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      katr 9 years ago

      Ok in the room where u light the torches to lift the steps to get to the money, the room with the worm things under the tiles. theres a chest on the wall under the back step. how do i lower all the steps to get to it or something ?

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      JuJu 9 years ago

      Thanks for this help!

      I was stuck at the huge man eater plants guarding the room and now i know exactly what to do.

      it was fast pace, simple and to the point.

      good job you=]

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      Ani 9 years ago

      Mark - you have no idea what a huge service to society this is!! many thanks..

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      stephen 9 years ago

      there are a lot of instructions but over all it helped me a lot

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      tucker 9 years ago

      how does this help????

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      devin 9 years ago

      nice job!!! i already beat the game but im looking for a guide for my friend this is PERFECT!

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      belac 9 years ago

      you relly help all thouse people but i thought this was only for the forest temple not how to get to it write back p.s i like to eat cake lol

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      Lassie 9 years ago

      How and when do you get your horse back? I realy wanna know. Please?

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      Abz 9 years ago

      Thanx u r soooooo helpful.....could not of done it without u!!!

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      no one 9 years ago

      what do you do after the forest tmple

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      manaburn 9 years ago

      hi i joined

      did u beat the game?

      i like playing but im stuck on getting zora armor.plz write back as soon as also "random"

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      manaburn 9 years ago

      im i getting annoying?

      plz tell me if i am

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      random 9 years ago

      how can i turn back to afence but u didn't help that muhc but thx any way

    • profile image

      random 9 years ago

      how do u get past the third vessel to get the zora armor i cant get alll the tears

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      Christopher 9 years ago

      i already beat the game but if they make one more that's like 7 right.........i dont know but it would be funny

    • profile image

      paige 10 years ago

      just go to and type in Zelda Twilight Princess - Forest Temple - Part 1 and it gives you a complete visual walkthrough

    • profile image

      varun 10 years ago

      thanx bro

      without u it wud nt have been possible for me to play the game.

      keep it up!!!

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      bam bam 10 years ago


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      Shelly 10 years ago

      my dad was having trouble w/ the g ame, and this was the best guide there is/was. u rock. thanx 4 taking the time to do all of that work. it looks like it took some time, too!

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      krishna 10 years ago

      the goron mines are better because u finally get your horse back

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago


      I believe there is a certain point in the game where you can enter the bomb shop, but won't be able to buy bombs until a certain part of the dungeon is beaten. I believe that might be some time before or after the Goron Mines area is beaten. See part two of my strategy guide for that one.

    • profile image

      nick 10 years ago

      i need ur help how can I get the first bomb because when i went in barnes bom shop

      and talk to buy a bomb he said I cant help u

    • profile image

      krishna 10 years ago

      i was stuck on this part so much.thanks

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      wow that really helped i was stuck for days on the temple

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      nigel 10 years ago

      Hey u said that the monkeys attack you.. But when you get into the forest ther is a cut seanwhen it shows you were the kid is... how do u get to the kid.. So FYI you hardly helped me i had to figure it out all by myself so u suck

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      nigel 10 years ago

      thank you ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo much .i cuold not have done it without you

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      Eddy 10 years ago

      Will I ever get to ride on my horse again? After I fill the tear vessel. You should include this information like "you lost your horse" or "prepare to walk cause you never get your horse again" Overall this helped me a lot but try to be more specific and don't say go to the guy near that place to your left or whatever. But I'll give it a 8 out of 10 score.

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      anonimos 10 years ago

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      You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      how do you make the windmill puzzle?

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      Avery 10 years ago

      Ya but where do you go after the forest temple I'm stuck!

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      marcus 10 years ago

      how do you get past the moving briges. my 3 moneys wont swing me

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      Thank you so much i could of never done it without your help

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      jm 10 years ago

      wow ok this explains like the first 10 min of the game what about the rest???????

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago


      You need four monkeys total to cross the bridge. You need to save the four in that area first. This is what I think you are referring to.

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      Jake 10 years ago

      i cant get past the bridge they wouldn't get on the rope

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      We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you soooooooooo much!