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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Waystation

Updated on February 8, 2013

Isaac has come across perhaps the most level-headed of his shipmates, a kindly engineer named Buckell, and he's… well… yeah. Fortunately, Buckell managed to tell Isaac that everyone else is in a research station - Isaac just needs a Snow Suit from the waystation he's in. Could there be one in the basement? Climb in the elevator and find out.

On the way down you'll hear a recording that predicts bad times. Yay. Climb out at the bottom and go through the door to the left. You'll surprise a Necromorph into fleeing; follow it into the kitchen nearby, grab the Compact Standard Frame from the countertop, and follow. Through the next passage and door you'll find six of the things, and they won't notice you at first. Use Stasis on the group across from you to catch them off guard and start blowing them away. A Force weapon will come in handy here. Keep using Stasis if any get loose - they're incredibly fast, but they die easily when shot. Check the lockers in the aftermath and go through the door to your left.

In the next room you'll get some sage advice: throw something small to get their attention. Not a bad idea for sneaking through the next few areas, but there's an easier way. Open the door to the next large room and either shoot one of the Necromorphs skulking about or throw something at it. Back up and let the door close. Retreat to the rear of the room and wait. Necromorphs will start to come through the vents near the far door, usually in intervals of two. You have more than enough space and a predictable aiming spot to mow them down in droves. They'll keep coming for a while - but the amount of easy items that pile up as a result will more than replenish your ammo. Wait for the tide to slow down, then enter the next room again.

Grab the Upgrade Circuit in the rear of this room, near the bunks, and go through the door on the left side. Ahead is the pump room. Check the storage room to your left for an S.C.A.F. Artifact and keep going past the pumps. Beyond is a much larger, multi-level area. Go down the ladder at the end of the walkway and turn the electrical circuits on the machinery down here to enable the computer console nearby. Check it to turn on what appears to be some kind of horrible compactor.

Wait for the compactor to retract and use Stasis on it. Run down the tunnel and go through the hole in the wall to your right. Nearby you'll find a Stasis Recharge station. Use it, then target the compactor once it's retracted again. Run back to the hole and towards the compactor. There's another hole on the left side of the tunnel, right beside the compactor. You should have just enough time to get through. Out here is… another compactor! Yay. Complete the next circuit puzzle the same way you did the first. Back up against the machinery here, as activating the compactor will summon a bunch of Necromorphs. They'll come through the two vents on the other side of the room, and you can use this predictable pattern to blast them as they come out. Use Stasis for any that get by your initial bursts. Looks intimidating, is actually quite easy.

Handle the second compactor the way you did the first and run through the tunnel. At the end of the next path is a ladder. Go up, check the lockers, and run to the control booth for this whole operation. Inside is a Medic Support Handgun, a Supply Depot Key (side quest!) and a door. Go through -

- and you'll find two Suit Kiosks! Fantastic. Hop in one to unlock the Arctic Survival Suit. Put this sucker on and your cold problems are a thing of the past. (And you get your helmet back. Woo!) The gate past here will recognize you as sufficiently geared up, and you can hop in the elevator beyond.


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