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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Five: Snow Beast Rematch

Updated on February 13, 2013

Isaac has some of the worst luck in the galaxy. Not only has his group now been reduced to three bodies, he's been separated from the other two AGAIN. It's a good thing for Ellie that he obviously likes her so much. Dumped on the side of an unnamed mountain, Isaac has to track her and Carver down while making his way to a Research Compound…

After the big fall you wind up on the edge of a cliff. Run ahead a short while and you'll come to a large open space. There's more rappelling equipment here… but before you can use it the freaking Snow Beast shows up. Again! Time to end this for good.

There are two ways to beat the Snow Beast. The first is to use the traditional method of blowing away its orbs. Roll around the area, avoiding its attacks, and target the orbs on its tentacles. Eventually this will prompt it to create orbs from its mouth; keep targeting them. There are a few Necromorphs in the area already when you start, but killing them will immediately make this a one-on-one fight, which is much recommended. Use Stasis on the Snow Beast any time you need a breather or to make attacking its orbs easier. There's not much cover out here, though there's one rock you can circle around to get away from the thing.

The other, much easier option is to use the harpoon guns at the far end of the arena. Stasis the creep and look along the right side of the cliffs for a generator you can quickly pump to life. Once that's done, stand between the two now-active harpoon guns and wait for the Snow Beast to rush over. The harpoons will nail it and hold it in place. Run past it and look for a computer console against the face of the cliff above. Use Kinesis on the winch here and tap the indicated button as fast as you can. Do this correctly and quickly enough and the harpoons will pull the Snow Beast apart, ending the battle. Given how much ammo it can take to kill the thing normally, this is the recommended method of ending the fight.

It's finally dead! Stupid Snow Beast. Check its corpse for a hard-earned S.C.A.F. Parts Box. With the area clear you're now free to rappel up the rest of the cliff, and aside from some crumbling rock you'll have a free ride. At the top you're reunited with Carver and Ellie, all three of you outside the massive Research Compound.

Ahead is a ladder. Check to the left of it for some containers and an Upgrade Circuit before ascending. Seems straightforward enough… but, naturally, the ladder gives out, dumping you on the snow. You'll have to find your own route to the Compound. Follow the route through the rocks until you reach a split; take the left route. (The right leads to an odd little clearing with a few containers. Not worth the effort, as you'll also be ambushed.)

Past the entrance to the Compound grounds you'll see a jittery figure in the distance with a flashlight. It will run off when you enter the grounds, and despite the size of the area you have nothing to fear out here. Follow the path ahead and to the right to find a door into a small room. Grab the containers inside and head through the opposite door, back outside. You'll get a quick flash of Danik's shuttle overhead. Keep following the path to some telltale crates - check the back of a small loader vehicle for Sensor Rifle blueprints -

- and bypass the security at the top of the hill to access an elevator. There. That wasn't so bad, was it?


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