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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Four: A Risky Bid

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden has uncovered some very dirty business indeed. Chicago has become a breeding ground for human trafficking, and the auction Aiden plans to visit is used for just that. Now, not only does he want to track down and tag Iraq, Aiden wants to bring the trafficking to an end - or at least put a crimp in the profits.

A Risky Bid

Location: Boat storage, Brandon Docks

Prerequisite(s): Complete Stare into the Abyss

- After saving Poppy from the monstrous Mr. Crispin and leaving Infinite 92, you'll be ready for the big auction. You'll find it waiting down at Brandon Docks, hidden inside a boat storage depot.

- There's a quick cut scene, then you're inside. Follow the attendant into the depot, snagging the Meds sitting on your left in the small lobby.

- You'll eventually find the auction's main floor. Keep following the attendant until he ushers you up a set of stairs and onward to Iraq. You can now wander around the room at will and hack phones as you wish. Yay for disgusting human beings!

- Make your way up the walkways for a lengthy cut scene. Scan Iraq in the midst of it. Once Poppy joins you the jig will more or less be up.

- Now you have to escape before somebody notices you, and as soon as the cut scene ends the guards will become hostile. You have no weapon, so fighting is out. You'll have to sneak. Immediately jog down the stairs ahead and into the office on your right to avoid detection.

- Head downstairs in the office. There's an audio log straight ahead. Round the corner and drop down and out of the auction floor, heading through the partially-flooded basement.

- This next area is patrolled by guards, one of whom is walking by in the next tunnel up. Move up behind him and take him down. This will net you an AK-47, allowing you to fight if you wish. Weee!

His cover blown, Aiden flees from Brandon Docks in the Watch_Dogs mission A Risky Bid.
His cover blown, Aiden flees from Brandon Docks in the Watch_Dogs mission A Risky Bid.

- Despite that acquisition, it's quite easy to move through this area without arousing suspicion, and the longer you can take down guards without attracting attention the better. Skulk around in the water, take down the other guard, and climb up the ladder at the far end.

- You're back on the auction floor, in the fenced-off pens at the side of the room. Immediately hide when you get here, then slip through the door ahead. Wait for the guard on the other side to turn around, then run up and wipe him out from behind.

- Ahead and on your left is an area filled with crates and patrolled by another guard. Wait for him to turn right before sneaking up and bopping him. Check the left corner of this clearing before leaving to find Electronic Parts, then go through the open door on the opposite side, near the forklift.

- At the top of the stairs you'll find your former complement of weapons. Glee. Once you've reequipped yourself, hack into the camera on the other side of the locked door and look on the left side of the room. There's a panel here which you can hack to open the door.

- Go through for a cut scene. Oh dear.

- So much for subterfuge. You're now being targeted by a dozen or more gang members. You start out behind cover; stay here for now and trigger the explosion beneath the first round of guys to immediately take them all out. That done, swap to the barricade on your right to avoid more incoming fire.

- Ignore the gunfire and look to your right. There's a switch console which you can hack to open a door. You can do this remotely, but if you run over to the console you'll find a Frag Grenade and an MP5.

- Wait here a bit and the guards will assume you ran off. Leave cover once they move away from their catwalk positions and go through the security door against the eastern fence. Take cover again on the other side, and not under the catwalk - they'll see you from there. Use the skids nearby.

- Now for some fun. You can engage in a shootout if you wish, but it's so much more enjoyable if you use the cameras in this area to demolish the patrolling guards. There are a lot of explosive panels here, and you can likely wipe out more than half of their force if your timing is good. So long as you keep the explosions coming periodically they won't get anywhere near your hiding place at the far end. This is also a fantastic place for sniping, though you'll do better up on the catwalks.

Aiden performs some complex hacking to take down a ton of enemies in the warehouse section of A Risky Bid, one of the harder missions in Watch_Dogs,
Aiden performs some complex hacking to take down a ton of enemies in the warehouse section of A Risky Bid, one of the harder missions in Watch_Dogs,

- Once you've reduced guard numbers sufficiently, make your way to the north end of the grounds. Make sure you've been killing guards, as one heavily-armoured dude will appear past here. There's an explosive panel on the ground; use it to take him out. If that fails, lure him around the yard and use a different one.

- Around another corner and down in a yard full of skids you'll hit a cut scene, and some more determined - and better armed - soldiers will appear. They'll fan out and look for you. Yay, more stealthy-stealthy kill time!

- As ever, you can engage these dudes in straightforward gunplay. Or...

Hacking Fun

- There are more explosive panels in this area, several of them near sensitive gas tanks. You know what to do, and when to do it.

- There's a camera on the far end of the yard, in front of a huge warehouse. You can use this to get a bead on a crane. Activate the crane and it will drop a container on anyone unlucky enough to be underneath.

- To your right from the first hiding place in this area is a lift. You can use it to get up to the second floor of a building typically watched over by one guard. Use the crates in here to hide and lure him over. If you're lucky more guards will come to have a look, and so long as you hide around corners you can keep easily wiping them out. (Just be careful not to try to take on the dudes with the body armour. You'll be in for a nasty shock.)

- There are multiple forklifts inside the warehouse, as well as a large crane. All serve as great distractions.

- It's also worth noting that you'll emerge from this place at night, which means the lights will be on. Trigger a blackout or two and you'll have a significantly easier time sneaking through here.

- There are a lot of guys to kill, so ultimately it's better to lure everyone out to the front of the warehouse, then slip past them and sneak through. On the other side you'll find a few more gunmen as well as a car. Get in said car and ride it out of here before the guys from earlier double back and come after you. Leaving the premises will end the mission, open up Human Trafficking missions, and trigger Role Model back in Mad Mile.


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