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Diablo 3 - My Soon-to-be Obsession

Updated on April 8, 2013
Me photoshopped into a Diablo 3 Wizard
Me photoshopped into a Diablo 3 Wizard

Diablo 3

For the gaming community, the impending arrival of Diablo III is not a surprise. It has been on the radar for nearly 4 years, now, and has been widely discussed in that time - for many reasons! Many people talked about the things they liked or did not like about this future game, over the course of it's development; some ranted about how they hated Blizzard Inc. (the creator and publisher of the game) for not delivering on various promises or for this/that/the-other supposed slight against they who have bought and owned every Blizzard game or Diablo game, etc., etc. And many have hyped and talked about how they can't wait for this next chapter in the franchise to finally come out!

For myself, as I have not been able to share my opinions on the Diablo 3 site (hosted by Blizzard) because I do not have a current character in any of their current games (Diablo II does not count, it seems), I have been quiet about my excitement at this upcoming sequel in a franchise that I have owned since the original Diablo (which, for the record, was not a Blizzard game).

Yes, I played Diablo when it came out. I even put my credit card limit to the test in 1999 to make sure I got a copy of the Diablo II Collector's Edition! I played that game for years - making quite certain that I got my money's worth and MORE! - and even got back into the game last summer when a friend of mine picked up a copy (at which point I discovered that another friend of mine was even more obsessed and had never stopped playing for the previous 11 years that Diablo II had been active). It became my new-old obsession!

Late to the Game

As mentioned, Diablo III has been on some gamers' radar for almost 4 years (it was first announced in 2008). For myself, oddly, I was not aware of it's soon-to-be existence (or the impending doom of my free-time) until last August, when I happened to read that they were getting close to releasing the game. I was thrilled! I was overjoyed! And then I was dumbstruck when I learned that I hadn't been following it for the previous 3 years like everyone else!!

However, I got over my shock and started learning as much as I could about it, soon becoming an enthusiast in the Diablo world once again. I started researching each class and learning about their skills, the runes, the items. I took in as much as I could squish into my over-crowded brain and started planning how I would attack the Burning Hells with Slyde Draco the Demon Hunter!

You could say I am still quite enthusiastic about it. And I would say you are not wrong! Again, I have purchased the Collector's Edition of Diablo III, and am now in the waiting phase to receive my purchase and begin playing as soon as humanly possible! The servers go live as of midnight on May 15th (just after the end of May 14th, in case that wasn't clear enough), and while I will not be quite THAT enthusiastic (as I am sure a great many WILL be), once I have completed my race home from dropping my daughter off at school, I will be making a mad dash, out-of-breath and craving coffee, no doubt, to the computer to log in, and start the great hunt to kill Asmodan and Diablo, wherever they may be hiding!

Stay Tuned

While I have been lax and not kept up with my Hubs as of late, I intend to come back here to praise - yes, I have little doubt that I will be fawning all over Diablo III like a teen over that Beiver guy - this amazing game in a number of posts about my exploits as Demon Hunter, then Wizard, Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Monk (likely in that order, though not definitely).

If you have any interest in the game, feel free to post your thoughts on the game, whether it be the gameplay, the artistic style, the mechanics, the lore. I welcome all!

For my part, I am so excited to play, I don't even know what aspect I will write about, but I will try my best to forestall any Spoilery with a Spoiler tag at the beginning of any posts that may contain... well... Spoilers!



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