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Die Rise zombies How to make the Trample Stream Lift - Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )

Updated on June 19, 2013


In this guide I will teach you how to use and make the trample steam. This is a device that can be built on the Map die Rise. This weapon is very useful, and is essential later on for the easter egg. Also this weapon makes it easier to get from place to place on the map. So with that being said I will show you how to make this and utilize it. I will also attach my video that will show you exactly where the parts are to make the trample steam, and where you can find all these parts.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 to stay on top of all the guides that I post for this map, and other game modes for Black Ops 2.

Also my team is still recruiting which you can see at or contact me directly on Xbox @ MKS JohnR

How to make the trample steam

So first off let me say watching my video will show you everything you need to know to make the trample steam, but I will also tell you.

First off is the pieces. There are 4 pieces that you need to create the trample steam. I suggest using at least 2 people with preferably 4. It is confirmed you need 4 people to do the easter egg, and I think it would be a lot of work to do this with any less, UNLESS the power is already on because then you can ride the elevator back to the top.

None the less there are always 2-3 pieces of the trample steam in the starting room. Just run around the room and try to find the pieces.

The next 1-2 pieces are through the doors in the second room. If you have 4 people you need to pic all the parts up together before you start. After picking up all the parts you are going to walk over to the escalator to the right when first walking in through the doors. At the bottom of the escalator DON'T take a right. Continue straight to what seems off of the map. Then CAREFULLY fall down to the level below you. Once down there you will see the workbench that is required in order for you to make the trample steam.

Once the trample steam is made, everyone can pick up the trample steam in order to be used. Once picked up you hit up on the D-Pad and then right trigger to place the trample steam. Just wait until the piece is down, and it is ready to launch you to where you need to go. Once again all of this is said and showed in my video below.


In this guide I showed you how to make and use the trample steam. This can be used for many parts of the game including being needed to do the easter egg on Die Rise. Also it can be used for launching zombies, getting around to many parts of the map, and just having fun with it. So with the being said, check out my Youtube Channel as I will have many guides being posted that will talk about what you need to do in order to succeed on this map.


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