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Dishonored Eliminate the Lord Regent

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dishonored Eliminate the Lord Regent

Dishonored Eliminate the Lord Regent in Dunwall Tower
Dishonored Eliminate the Lord Regent in Dunwall Tower

In Dishonored 2, the hero Corvo finally gets the chance to eliminate the Lord Regent. However, the lord regent is entrenched deep within the safe house at the top of the roof of Dunwall Tower. The lord regent is surrounded by guards, a tallman, a locked door and a wall of light. This will guide the hero on how to get into the safehouse, circumvent the guards, reverse the polarity of the wall of light and then eliminate the Lord Regent.

Get Into the Safehouse at the Rooftop of Dunwall Tower

The hero will have arrived at the rooftop of Dunwall Tower. However, he is not within the safehouse yet. The safehouse contains the Lord Regent. From the entrance to Dunwall Tower rooftop safehouse, spot three paths around the safehouse - one directly ahead, one to the left and one to the right. Blink and take the right path, for this leads to a window from which the hero can use to take down the Lord Regent within the safehouse. Note that there will be guards outside the safehouse which the hero has to deal with.

Reverse the Polarity of the Wall of Light

This path requires the hero to have -

  • at least one rewire tool
  • level 2 possession power

On the right hand path, the hero needs to blink onto a window. Be careful of the tallman in the safehouse; he can still spot the hero. Upon arrival on the window silt, immediately drop down to behind a bookshelf below the window.

From the bookshelf, look up and see a guard reporting to the lord regent, and an overseer somewhere in the distance holding an anti-magic device. The hero's first job is to take down the overseer. In stealth and crouch mode, move across under the stairs. When the overseer's back is facing the hero, blink across and then take him down. Slip his body over the hero's shoulder and hide behind the shelf.

Await the imminent arrival of the guard. When he arrives, take over the guard using possession. Now use the guard's body and stride across up the stairs and to the alcove where the wires from the wall of light is leading. Wait for possession to wear off, switch to blink mode and blink up into the alcove and then down on the other side. Rewire the wall of light panel here and reverse the polarity of the wall of light.

Eliminate the Lord Regent

Blink up onto the alcove and then step through the wall of light boldly and confront the lord regent. At this point, the hero has the options of taking off his mask, or denying the lord regent the identity of his terminator.

Escape from Dunwall Tower

Once the lord regent is eliminated, it's a mad dash to escape from Dunwall Tower. Dash out of the wall of light and avoid the firebolt of the tallman. Climb down the stairs all the way to the area of ledges leading down into the river. The hero can descend via the ledges or just jump into the river. Climb back up onto Samuel's boat and then get back to the Hound Pits Pub for a celebration with the loyalists.

Congratulations! The lord regent has been eliminated and Emily will be crowned as Empress.

It looks like all's well that ends well. Or is it?


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