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Dishonored Get Your Gear At Greaves Lighting Refinery

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dishonored Recover Your Gear At Greaves Lighting Refinery

Recover Your Gear. All you have to do is to find the empty whale oil tank, fill it up and go through some weepers.
Recover Your Gear. All you have to do is to find the empty whale oil tank, fill it up and go through some weepers.

Dishonored Get Your Gear at Greaves Lighting Refinery

In Dishonored, the hero has been poisoned and then left to float on a boat in the Flooded District. Helpless and captured by the master assassin who put down the Empress, the hero is left to rot in a cell with rats for company. Corvo's gear has been thrown somewhere into the Greaves Lighting Refinery, and the hero must retrieve his gear. This will guide the hero on how to escape from his imprisonment and how to recover his gear at Greaves Lighting Refinery.

Escape from Captivity by Possessing a Rat

Before being poisoned and left to rot, the hero will have been celebrating at the Hound Pits Pub. Before passing out, remember to purchase the maximal number of crossbow bolts, sleep darts and even runes from Piero.

To escape from his imprisonment, the hero needs to possess a rat. As the rat hero assassin, he should then go into the small hole (which only a rat will fit in) in his cell. Emerge on the other side of the small tunnel and reach a plank. From the plank, the hero should follow the arrow sign on his HUD and blink out of the master assassin's building into the next area - the Greaves Lighting Refinery.

Note that without his gear, the hero can only use his limited repertoire of powers.

Get the Empty Whale Oil Tank in the Greaves Lighting Refinery and Fill it Up

The hero will emerge from the holding cell area at a doorway. From the doorway, blink your way towards the arrow sign (leading to your gear), avoiding the weepers if possible. Keep on the roofs and upper level ledges and the weepers cannot harm you. Eventually the hero will arrive just outside a building where the stairs appear to have been retracted. The hero needs to extract the stairs to climb into the refinery and get his gear.

The machinery and lever for the stairs is located within an office opposite the stairs. The machinery needs whale oil to operate. To get the whale oil tank and the whale oil, come out of the office and down some stairs to another machinery in this area. This machinery will dispense an empty whale oil tank. Grab the empty whale oil tank and turn left. There will be three whale oil dispensary machines here. Attach the whale oil tank to the dispensary machines and allow the tank to be filled up. Now head back into the office and attach the filled whale oil tank to the stairs extractor machinery. Pull down the lever and the machine will operate again. Watch as the stairs are retracted.

Note that the hero can also grab an empty whale oil tank from a boat around his area. However, the hero will be exposed to the acid ranged attacks of some river krusts here. Best to stick to the easy route.

There is a rune that lies somewhere near another set of river krusts. The hero can use the heart to locate the rune once his gear has been recovered.

The final step to retrieving the hero's gear is to blink to the stairs and climb them. The stairs are broken towards the top, and the hero must continue blinking past some broken ledges on the right and then turn left and left again to access the interior of this building.

Get Corvo's Gear in the Greaves Lighting Refinery Area

Within the interior of this building, navigate the hero until he arrives at a chain. Go down the chain until he arrives at his gear....... and four other weepers ready to pounce and feast upon the hero. The tactics here is to jump assassinate one of the weeper and then run away, blinking to higher ground to avoid the weepers. When the weepers return to their unaware moaning state, come down from higher grounds and assume crouch stealth mode. Eliminate the weepers from stealth positions one at a time until none remains. Grab the hero's gear and go up some stairs. Operate a wheel and the door out of this building will open.

Blink back to the doorway leading into the Greaves Lighting Refinery area and prepare to take on the master assassin blood for blood, or in a non-lethal way.


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