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Doodle Fit For The iPhone Answers & Tips

Updated on May 11, 2011

Doodle Fit On The iPhone

Game Review

Doodle Fit is a simple yet addictive little game for the iPhone. Currently one of the most popular downloads on the app store this game has captured the imagination of millions. Doodle Fit is currently free to download which of course makes it excellent value. This is classed as a puzzle game but it is so simple even a child could manage some of the more basic levels. This really is a classic game with such a simple concept.

When you open the app up for the first time the first thing that strikes you is the music. Most games have some form of music and more often than not it’s very irritating and the user can’t wait to turn it off. However on Doodle Fit the music really is top quality, it has a great little rhythm that suit’s the game perfectly. I can quite happily sit and just listen to the music playing.

From the main menu you have the option to ‘play’ the game, read the ‘about’ page, check the ‘help’ files, examine your ‘stats’, look at some ‘options’ or change your ‘profile’. If you select ‘play’ you are taken to a page where you can select a level. At first most of the levels are locked, as you complete levels new ones are opened up to you. So although at first this page is pretty meaningless as you become more experienced and have more levels available you can use this page to navigate around the levels.

The game play itself is very simple. In the centre of the screen a shape will appear, on level one it is simply a box. Below the shape are a selection of blocks. All you have to do is fit the little doodle blocks into the larger shape. Hence the name Doodle Fit. The first few levels are very simple and take no time at all, but as you progress things get much more tricky. To move the blocks you simply drag them over the shape and release them. Every time you complete a Doodle Fit level you get a free hint. You can use this hint to help you out, a hint will add one block in the correct place for you.

There are different ‘packs’ to play on Doodle Fit. The beginners pack contains 27 levels, when you complete all 27 the next pack becomes available. There are currently four packs to play but I am sure that more will become available in the future. So currently there are plenty of levels to go at on Doodle Fit. The game is published by Gamelion and was produced by Krzyztof Gnutek.

I like the little stats page on Doodle Fit. It tells you how many of the 110 levels you have currently completed. How many solution you have found (this is as some levels have more than one solution) and how much time you have spent playing. You can also add profiles to the game, this means you and your friend can have separate profiles so you won’t share levels or achievements. The options page on Doodle Fit is handy, if you do get sick of the music you can turn it down or off, you can also adjust the SFX volume. You can also change the theme of the game from notebook to chalkboard. This changes all the colors on the game.

Overall I would have to say that Doodle Fit really is a fantastic little game. It’s so simple an idea but so clever and addictive. It’s easy to see why Doodle Fit is currently so popular on the download charts. This is one of those games that you can spend hours and hours playing and never get bored of. It’s also a game with no real limits, the producers can continue to roll out new levels and keep people hooked for years to come. Doodle Fit really is a classic little game and one that will have you hooked within seconds.


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