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Drinking Games for Parties

Updated on November 4, 2014

Drinking games for parties are awesome. It's a perfect way to get your guests to interact with each other and add fun to any party. Below are a few ideas including; drinking games for parties, drinking games for 4 people and shot drinking games.

fun drinking games for parties.
fun drinking games for parties. | Source

Drinking Games for Parties

Kings Cup

The Kings Cup drinking game is fun and great for large groups! The rules are easy and can be written down for each player to have a reference. The game is played with a deck of cards spread face down around an empty cup (if everyone is playing with the same drink) or a shot (if everyone is drinking different things). Players take turns pulling a card from the deck and flipping it over. Each card pertains to a different "rule" or action that must be taken. There are several variations of the rules that can be found online, but here's a great sample.

  • 2: You - Person that flips picks someone to drink.
  • 3: Me - Person that flips must drink.
  • 4: Floor - Last person to put their hand on the floor drinks.
  • 5: Guys - All guys must drink.
  • 6: Chicks - All girls must drink.
  • 7: Heaven - Last person to raise their hand drinks.
  • 8: Mate - Person that flips the card over picks a drinking mate. This person must drink anytime you are forced to drink. When more 8 cards are turned over you can create chains by choosing your mate to be the last person that pulled an 8.
  • 9: Rhyme -Player that turns over a card says a word, and then players go in order rhyming with that word. If you mess up or can't rhyme within a few seconds, you drink.
  • 10: Categories - Person that flips picks a category and names something from it then you go in player order naming something in that category until someone repeats something or cannot think of something and then that person drinks.
  • Jack: Back- Person back one turn from who ever flipped over the card must drink.
  • Queen: Questions - Person that flips asks a random player a question. That player must then ask another player a question or answer the previous question with a question. The first person to not use a question must drink.
  • King: King's Cup - Player that flips pours what's left of their beer into the center cup. The player that flips the last King must drink the King Cup. Or if playing with shots, the first 3 kinds are just dead cards and the last king is the shot king.
  • Ace: Make a Rule - Player that turns over the Ace gets to add a rule to the game. Things like no saying "Drink, drank or drunk" are fun. The rule only stays in affect until the next ace is pulled.

Other great drinking games for parties include;

Flip Cup, Quarters and 7/11 Doubles.

Although they traditionally aren't, Kings cup and Quarters are both party games that can be turned into shot drinking games. Just replace any beer or mixed drinks with shots of everyone's favorite liquor!


Drinking Games for 4 People

Some drinking games are hard to play with only four people, but here are some great ideas for a small group!


This game, like kings cup is played with a deck of cards. It requires exactly four people to play.

Start the game by handing out all of the cards equally to the four players face up. The player left of the dealer starts the game by laying down any card or set of cards with the same face value. The next person must set down the same number of cards as the first player and the cards must be equal to or greater in value, but match one another. If the player lays down the same exact card numbers as the previous person, the next player is skipped and must drink. If the player who's turn it is can't play, they are are skipped and must drink. After all players are skipped, the cards are shuffled and play starts over.

This game also has a ranking system as follows;

President; First person to get rid of all their cards.
V. P.; Second person to get rid of all their cards.
Secretary; Third person to get rid of all their cards.
Asshole; Last person left with cards.

- You can tell anyone ranked below you to drink at any time.
- Asshole is in charge of dealing and shuffling cards.
- Asshole must give their two best cards to the President and President gives the Asshole their two worst cards.

Other great drinking games for 4 people include Beer Pong, and Jacks.

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Shot Drinking Games

A lot of drinking games are played with beer and a lot of people just aren't beer drinkers. Whether it be they don't enjoy the taste or they don't want all the calories; shot drinking games are a great alternative for non beer drinkers.

Shot Roulette

For Shot Roulette you will need several shot glasses, a table, different types of liquor and non alcoholic drinks and a bottle for spinning.

One person should be in charge of set up. Fill several shot glasses with various liquors, mixed drinks and some with water and non alcoholic drinks. Set them randomly on a table in a large circle. Everyone sits around the table and a small bottle is placed in the middle of the circle of shot glasses. Players take turns spinning the bottle in the middle and then must drink the shot glass the bottle points to when it's done spinning. The fun part is you never know if you will get a strong shot, a mixed drink or something as tame as water!

Other shot drinking games that are fun drinking games for parties are shot glass chess or checkers, or Six Shots. Many other games like beer pong and quarters can also be played with substituting beer for shots.

Have Responsible Fun!

All of the games mentioned above are guaranteed to make any party fun, but always remember to drink responsibly. Be sure all participants also stay hydrated, provide snacks like nuts to keep food in everyone's system and never allow someone to drive away from a party after drinking.


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    • diydiva profile image

      Kay Mitchell 4 years ago from California

      No, not getting old! They are just inventing new drinking games every day! It's crazy!

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 4 years ago from Texas

      Nice hub diydiva, I must be getting old and no longer cool because I have never even heard of these drinking games. lol! But they do sound kind of fun.