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Entropia Universe Glossary

Updated on September 14, 2012

This is a short glossary of the terms that I have used in the hubs on Entropia Universe and is in no way meant to be comprehensive. I have also made an effort to include terms that are unique to Entropia and would serve to enlighten newcomers.

Ath - It stands for all time high. It is a list that displays the all time top 100 in hunting, mining, manufacturing, killing spree, new items and reached item tiers.

Decay - This is the deterioration of an item after use.

Dry - Each creature will have a limited amount of sweat that can be extracted. When no more sweat can be extracted from a creature, the creature is dry.

Global - This usually refers to a loot that has a value of 50 PED and above.

Hof - Hall of Fame. A list that displays the top 100 in the last 24 hours in hunting, mining, manufacturing, killing spree, new items and reached item tiers.

Limited - When an item is limited, usually indicated by (L), it cannot be repaired. Once it has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be used, it can only be sold to the trade terminal for its TT value.

MindArk or MA - This is the company that runs Entropia Universe.

Mob - It stands for movable monster and is a creature that, in most cases, can attack and harm you.

MU - Mark up. This is the amount above TT value that an item is worth. This amount is determined by market forces. It can be indicated in terms of percentage, or by the amount above TT value. For example, an item can be sold at 103% and another item can be sold at TT + 1.

OJ - Orange jumpsuit. This is the set of orange clothes that a newcomer wears when he first arrives in Entropia Universe.

PEC - It stands for Project Entropia cents. It is the in game currency and 100 PEC is worth 1 PED.

PED - It stands for Project Entropia dollars. It is the in game currency and can be exchanged for USD at the rate of 10 PED for 1 USD.

Project Entropia - Entropia Universe was formerly named Project Entropia.

Revival - This is a terminal at which your mind and body is reconstituted after you have been killed. There is no penalty to being killed, except that you will have practically zero health immediately after you revive.

Stackables - Stackables refer to items like ammo, sweat, ores or enmatter which can be stacked together. For example, if you have 2 stacks of sweat of 500 each, you can combine them into a single stack of 1000 sweat.

Sweat - This is an action that is used to gather bottles of sweat from a creature or mob.

Swunt - This word is derived from the words sweat and hunt. It is an activity usually done in a team comprising 10 or so players. The players will first surround the creature or mob and sweat it until it is dry. Then, using the Opalo or CB5, kill the mob and share the loot equally.

TT - Trade terminals or TT are machines located throughout Entropia Universe from which basic generic items like weapons, ammo, mining probes can be bought. Items can also be sold back to the terminals for their TT value.

TT Value - The TT value of an item can be considered its scrap value and is a guaranteed minimum value of an item. Most items can be sold for more than their TT value and the rest can be sold to the trade terminals for TT value.

UL - It stands for unlimited. An unlimited item is an item that can be repaired an unlimited number of times.

WTB - Want to buy. Usually used in local chat as in "WTB sweat at 2 PED/K."

WTS - Want to sell. Usually used in local chat as in "WTS sweat at 5 PED/K."


1. Play Entropia Profitably - A way you can make good money in Entropia Universe with a small investment, sweating and trading.

2. Trading At Entropia's Auction - A guide to trading profitably at Entropia Universe's auction.

3. Finding Out The Decay Of Item In Entropia - This hub outlines a technique to find out the exact TT value of an item and thus can be used to find the decay of an item per use.

4. Entropia Universe - The official website of Entropia Universe.

5. How to Sweat in Entropia - All About Sweating in Entropia Universe.


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    • wandererh profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lim 

      6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks, Roni!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Some adds:

      *dry: the amount of sweat is equal to the mob's HP (hitpoints)

      *mob: is short for mobile (moving) monster

      Regards, Roni


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