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How To Find Out The Decay Of Items In Entropia Universe

Updated on June 2, 2012
Abe looking off a cliff somewhere off Athena Spaceport
Abe looking off a cliff somewhere off Athena Spaceport

Most items in Entropia Universe decay. This article outlines a technique to find out the exact decay of items that have decay in the fractions of a PEC. I will show how you can find out the decay of a T-105 Transformer after refining 1 Force Nexus and 1 sweat into 1 Mind Essence. Other than the T-105 Transformer, a stackable item with a very low TT value will be needed. In this case, I shall use 1000 bottles of sweat.

The TT value of 1000 bottles of sweat is 0.01 PED, or 0.00001 PED for each bottle of sweat.

Go to the Trade Terminal, click on Sell and place the T-105 Transformer into the window. In the figure below, it has a TT value of 8.70 PED. Note that the actual TT value is higher than this as the window does not display the third and higher decimal places.

To find out the actual TT value, add bottles of sweat to the window until it shows 8.71 PED. You want to find the point at which the window will change from 8.70 PED to 8.71 PED by just adding a single bottle of sweat.

You can do this by adding one bottle of sweat at a time until the value changes, or you can start with 500 bottles of sweat. If the value does not change, add another 250 bottles until the value changes. When the value changes, remove the bottles just added and put back half the number of bottles. Keep halving the number of bottles until you get down to a single bottle.

In the 2 figures below, you can see that 986 bottles of sweat is what it takes to get the window to switch to 8.71 PED.


T-105 + 986 sweat = 8.71000 PED
T-105 + 0.00986 = 8.71000 PED
T-105 = 8.70014 PED

Once you have gotten the actual TT value of the T-105 Transformer, use it to refine 1 Force Nexus and 1 bottle of sweat into 1 Mind Essence. Then, using exactly the same technique as above, determine the new TT value of the transformer.

As shown in the figures below, the new TT value of the transformer is:

T-105 + 6 sweat = 8.70000 PED
T-105 + 0.00006 = 8.70000 PED
T-105 = 8.69994 PED

So, the decay from refining is:

8.70014 PED - 8.69994 PED = 0.00002 PED or 0.002 PEC

As you can see, this technique depends solely on getting the actual TT value of the item down to 5 decimal places. You can apply this technique on other items like weapons or armor. While I have not tried it, fruits and dung should work as well as sweat but sweat is more readily available.

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