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Fallout 3 vs Fallout New Vegas

Updated on September 22, 2015

For the past month or so I have been addicted to playing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas on my Xbox 360. After beating Fallout 3 for the millionth time AND still enjoying it quite thoroughly I thought nothing would compare and that Fallout New Vegas would be just as good. I was wrong...

IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER. I love Fallout New Vegas.

First off the VATS system and Pipboy did not change at all, which is great. Why mess with a great thing I say. The wasteland seems just as big in NV as it did in Fallout 3. But so far it seems like there is possibly a lot more discoveries which is nice if your anything like me and just run around aimlessly for a while discovering new towns, people and enemies. Gathering as much ammo, stimpacks as you can whilst selling anything you can get your hands on so you have a ton of money to by more crap.

Talking about enemies..there is a lot. A lot a lot. A lot. For example there's like 3 types of Radscorpian alone, that I have run into at least. More new and exciting enemies = greater fun! Seems like though that some of these new enemies, even old one's brought over into NV take a bit more gusto to die. Which makes it all the more challenging that's for sure. And if you ever run into these flying bugs from hell called Cazador's. Steer clear. Those things SUCK! They are fast, they fly, they sting you and you gradually lose health from one prick. Worst of all where there is one..there's a HUNDRED! Well not a hundred but 5 sure seems that way.

One thing I adore about this game vs Fallout 3 is that you don't begin in a Vault. That was one thing that would continuously deter me from starting that game over again. Was always the same thing, the Vault experience. You had to do the same things over and over again. Where as in NV you start out in the doc's house after being saved by a robot named Victor then you leave the house and you COULD continue with what you have to do, or you could just run off into the distance. The doc's house experience wasn't long and drawn out like the vault. Its just so nice.

Next the ending. I haven't even gotten to the first of multiple endings you can possibly have in NV. You have so many options throughout the came that effect later in the game that its almost like it could be a new experience every time you play it. At least until you've done it every possible way. Where as I don't remember having that with Fallout 3 that's for sure. I mean Fallout 3 was great and had some sweet quests that you could do it one way one time and a different way the next. But your pretty limited when it comes down to end of came time. At least that's what I'm finding when compared to Fallout New Vegas.

To wrap this up I love both games and definitely would recommend them both, but I personally like NV better. With the more options, factions, weapons, enemies with still the old Fallout feel. Why wouldn't it be better. And one thing I realized I never touched on was the factions like Brotherhood of Steel, Caesar, Khans...much much much more. Befriending them? Or making them enemies. Telling Yes Man to ignore them? Or not. I leave that horrible description but hopefully possibly intriguing description with you. Now I think you should give New Vegas a shot!

Fallout Video too help Convince You!!!


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    • profile image

      crazedathuecha 5 years ago

      i still like the fallout 3 trailer better its really suspenseful

    • profile image

      SeedyKiwi 6 years ago

      I tried really really hard to get into Fallout 3 and failed. Starting in the Vault was tedious and killed it for me. New Vegas however just grabs you by the short and curlies straight away..

      What's better than waking up after being shot in the head??? Getting up and embarking on an epic journey to find the guy that shot you. Thats whats better!

    • tgopfrich profile image

      tgopfrich 6 years ago from Stettler, AB

      Well Fallout 3 is great, but NV is definitely better. They'll come around hahaha

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I agree Fallout New Vegas is the better of the two...granted in my two teenage boys think I am crazy because they think Fallout 3 is still the best.....voted up