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Fashion Doll Free Dress Up Game Review

Updated on October 3, 2010
Fashion Doll pledges allegiance to the dear leader.
Fashion Doll pledges allegiance to the dear leader.

Fashion Games is a site dedicated entirely to fashion games, so I don't mind admitting that I had pretty high hopes when I played their top fashion game, Fashion Doll. Unfortunately, I was bitterly disappointed and would have cried salty tears of despair, had I not already known that existing dress up games are actually better and that I could go and play them whenever I wanted.

I know I rather panned Addicting Dressup, but if Fashion Doll and Addicting Dress up got into a fight, Addicting Dress up would totally wipe the floor with Fashion Doll – and look good doing it.

The first problem I encountered with Fashion Doll is that she is already dressed. Whilst I applaud her modesty – it is rather difficult to play dress ups with a doll that insists on wearing a suit the whole time. At best, it feels rather redundant, at worst it is a metaphor for the futility of so many of life's endeavors.
I discovered shortly after whining about this that you can actually remove Fashion Doll's suit, but still, the initial damage had been done.

Secondly, a point that I should really have mentioned in Addicting Dressup (this review is rather becoming a secondary review for Addicting Dressup, which just goes to show the dire affair that is Fashion Doll,) is that Addicting Dress up allows you to create your own models from the ground up. Male or female, you can determine things like faces and hair and even the name. Fashion Doll, on the other hand, is just that, a single, lifeless fashion doll.

I also rather got the impression that Fashion Doll's clothing had been designed in either the 1950's or North Korea, or possibly both. There's a cloying traditional theme to the garments you're allowed to choose, although, to give them their due, they are all photo realistic, unlike the hand drawn excuses for garments you'll find in other games.

I have to say though that the small selection of garments and accessories available in this game made me yearn for the many options available in, you guessed it, Addicting Dressup, which has actually made a fairly solid effort to include trendy items in its wardrobe.

It's pretty obvious what the conclusion of this review is going to be. Pop in and play a little Fashion Doll, just so you know what it is like when you play a more advanced dress up game when you play Addicting Dressup.


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