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Addicting Dressup Free Fashion Game Review

Updated on October 3, 2010

Addicting Dressup is currently the most popular fashion / dress up game on Addicting Games, so I checked it out with the aim in mind of reporting to you, dear faithful reader, as to whether or not this game could be a changing game in your fashion life.

To cut to the chase, it won't be. It has a certain charm that makes it mildly playable, which I will elaborate on at medium length shortly, but there are too many faults and not enough saving graces to redeem this fashion game. Unless, of course you are, a) a child, b) really very bored, or c) perhaps yearning for days gone by, when dressing up dolls was your most significant concern.

For starters, the good points. Addicting Dressup, is thankfully, not even mildly addicting. I can't even imagine what you would have to do to your brain to make this game addicting. So there you go. You won't drop out of school, alienate family and friends and inevitably end up on the street if you play this game.

Aside from the non addictive qualities of the game, Addicting Dressup does have a certain old school charm. When I was a young girl – back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we dodged meteorite strikes daily – you bought paper or cardboard dolls and books of paper clothes which you could cut out. The clothes had little tabs on them that you could fold around your cardboard model, thus 'dressing' him or her.

Those were the days, where real cardboard models were real cardboard models and real paper clothes were real paper clothes. If you ripped off the tags by accident, the paper garment was utterly ruined, but I digress here, for the major factor about many of these paper dress up dolls was the fact that the clothes often didn't fit right.

Now you'd think with what is essentially a digital version of these old dress up dolls, a few of the issues would have been worked out. You'd think that the clothes would fit the models and that they'd sit at a flattering, or at least coherent angle.

In Addicting Dressup, sadly, they don't. I chose the outfit you see in the illustration almost entirely at random (though one should note the on trend touches of leopard print) and unfortunately, not all the clothes really fit on the digital doll that well. The hat, for instance, appears to have been jammed on her head sideways, and the sleeves of her checkered shirt are somehow bursting forth from under the leather jacket she's wearing.

But perhaps the most egregious failing of Addicting Dressup is that there is no 'point' to the game. You just sit around shoving bits and pieces on your model until you collapse in a puddle of existential despair.


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