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Make Me Over Free Dress Up Game Review

Updated on October 3, 2010

Let's get the verdict over at the outset, shall we? Make Me Over is perhaps the best dress up game I have encountered in all the dress up games I have ever played. Why? There are so many reasons – allow me a few moments to count the ways.

First of all, in Make Me Over, you don't have to waste time trying to get awkward pixels to match up with awkward pixels, no, if you put a garment on and it is too small or awkwardly shaped – it stretches to fit the doll – just as if she is actually putting the garment on! This is the sort of next generation thinking that we need to see in the world of free dress up games.

In addition to being a dress up game, Make Me Over actually adheres to the basic tenets of gaming and includes a scoring system and levels – so instead of mindlessly tossing clothes at a pretend doll, you're undergoing a serious fashion challenge. Every single piece you add to an outfit effects the scale of 'Tear' and 'Wear'. Sometimes you actually have to think about what would increase the attractiveness of an outfit, and the answer isn't always obvious, which I like. Sometimes you have to try several different looks to find one that works.

The wardrobes also have a pleasing realism to them. Sure, you're dressing to impress, but if you really want to throw on sneakers and a t shirt, you can. Of course, that's when you discover that this game was not made by someone making a silly 'everyone wins' game for girls. It is possible to lose. Really. If you decide that you're done before your 'wear' bar hits the almighty green spot, you lose. Of course, if you do 'lose', you can pick the game up where you left off.

Is that enough? You would think so, yes? But there is more! Make Me Over features an actual storyline. Well a semblance of a storyline anyway, and I think that sort of thing should be encouraged. The story goes this: four friends are going out for the night. They need to wear clothes. You need to dress them. Not all the models you dress are thin stick figures either. Some are women with attempts at curves, and that means dressing in a way that is flattering. Others prefer non-Western fashions. Are you up to the challenge?

The only real black mark against Make Me Over is that the game is over too quickly. I mean, really quickly. If you have a good eye, you could easily be done with this game in 15 minutes or less. Still, it will be a genuinely fun and fashion oriented fifteen minutes and it's totally worth the money you pay for it – which is none.


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