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Four In A Row Game App For The iPhone - Expert Hints & Tips

Updated on January 12, 2011

4InARow For The iPhone


The Four In A Row game app or 4InARow as it is also called is a fun puzzle app for the iPhone. This article will give you an idea of how to play the game and some helpful little tips and hints on how to win.

Four in a row is based on connect four, the original game for children that has been around for many years. Four in a row for the iPhone is produced by Fingerarts and is currently one of the more popular downloads on the App Store. Despite being a very simple game 4InARow can get very addictive and players soon find themselves sucked into the game play. Another good thing about four in a row is that it’s free to download, so it’s one of these games you can give a try and if you are not overly keen you can just get rid of it.

4 In A Row



When you open the game up there is a funky little soundtrack that kicks in. You are then taken to the menu screen. From here you can either play the game, check out your stats, review the options, read about the game or get some help. If you click play you are then asked which level you would like to play, easy, medium, hard or expert! At first the only level available is easy, you have to win three rounds on easy to unlock the next level.

The game play itself is very basic for four in a row. You simply tap the screen where you would like your counter to fall. The rules are simple, you drop a counter, then your opponent drops a counter. The winner is the first to complete a line of four counters, these can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. For each counter you drop you are awarded points, these point increase if you get double and treble lines. There is also a timer that runs, although this seems to have no real bearing on the game other than being a stat.

In each game of 4InARow you are given the option of taking a hint. The game will suggest the best possible move for you. You are given three hints per round, then you are on your own. For purists though it is best not to use the hints as this is really a form of cheating. There is also on option where you can ‘play and pass’. This mean instead of playing against the computer you are actually playing with a friend. You have your turn then you give the phone to your friend and they take their move. This is a handy feature as it can be a good way to kill some time if you are waiting for something.

In Game Action

Game Centre


One of the good things about 4InARow is that it is compatible with Game Centre. This means you can compare your scores online with your friends. Game Centre gives you lots of stats such as how many wins in a row you have, your high scores for each level and also what awards you have achieved in the game. You are also put onto global leaderboards so you can check your four in a row high scores with other users from around the world.

The stats page on four in a row is also quite handy. It tells you how many games you have won on each level. How many perfect games you have played, a perfect game is where you only drop four counters. It also tells you your high score for each level. On the options page you have the ability to alter the volume settings, change the size of the counters and also remove the in game timer.

Tips & Hints


When it comes to hints, tactics and strategy there are a few things you can try. The first counter is always the most important when you play four in a row or connect four. Always drop your first counter in the middle of the board. This gives you an immediate advantage over your opponent. Another trick is to think a few moves ahead and take your time. When playing four in a row never play a move without first considering all the options, try and work out what your opponent wants you to do and then avoid doing this. There are many different strategies in four in a row so it’s really best to just find what works best for you.

Overall 4InARow is a good fun little app for the iPhone. Although the game is based on a very simple principle it can get quite complicated and involved. There are lots of tactics and clever thinking involved when playing four in a row and it really is a good game to get the brain working. So if you want something a little bit challenging and fun to play, download four in a row and get playing.


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