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BridgeBasher Game App For iPhone - Tips, Designs & Cheats Best Bridge Basher

Updated on January 16, 2012

If you want BridgeBasher game app tips, hints, cheats and designs then you have come to the right place. Bridge Basher is an iPhone and iPad app that is currently free to download. In this article we will review bridgebasher, look at some bridge basher tips and hints and also see if we can find any cheats. Basically if there is anything you want to know about the bridgebasher app you should find it here.

Bridge basher is a very simple puzzle game for the iPhone. Basically the idea is to build a bridge and then destroy it. The game is easy to play but does require some concentration and skill to do well. As bridgebasher is currently a free app to download it is well worth getting hold of as it well keep you occupied for a few hours.

Bridge Basher Game

When you load the app up on either the iPhone or the iPad you are first of all taken to the menu page. The first thing you are asked is if you would like to view the tutorial. The game takes some working out so I would recommend that you do view the tutorial and learn the basics of the game. When you have completed the tutorial you are ready to build.

Basically you are presented with a screen with two cliff on either side. You must build a bridge between them. To do this you simply draw the bridge in place. The screen on bridgebasher is covered in little white dots, to draw your bridge you simply drag a line between two dots. So the idea is to construct a good sturdy bridge between the two cliffs.

There are hundreds of different ways to design your bridge. However by simply looking at it you will have no idea how strong it is. So you need to test your bridge. To do this click on the play icon. Now there are three tests you can perform, the ball test, word test and monkey joint test. First of all the ball test, basically you add balls until your bridge collapses. The more balls you add the stronger your bridge. When your bridge falls down a message appears telling you how you have done.

Next up let’s look at the bridgebasher monkey test. Here you simply click on the joints of your bridge and monkey will hang off it. This is good for testing the weak spots on your bridge. When you add anything to your bridge the stress points will show up in red, this gives you an idea of where to strengthen your bridge. As with the balls, when you add too many monkeys the bridge will collapse and again you are given a rating for your bridge.

The most important test is the words test. A word scrolls over your bridge, it starts off as very light and moves right up to impossibly heavy. The idea is to build a bridge that will survive all the words. If you do this you have beaten the game. However, to get on the scoreboard you need to also construct a cheap bridge. Anyone can make a bridge that costs $2000 and survives the words, but if you can get a bridge that costs less than $500 then you may well find yourself on the global leaderboards.

Bridge Ideas

Tips, Hints, Cheats & Designs


One of the best bridge basher tips is to view the bridge designs on the help page. This gives you a few ideas on designs to attempt. Another tip is to use trial and error. Use the tests to work out the weak parts of your bridge and then strengthen them accordingly. If you are looking for designs to try there are a few pictures on this article which may well help give you a few ideas. Another tip is to look around online for more designs that you can use to beat bridgebasher. To be honest the best tips and hints for bridgebasher is simple common sense and practice.

If you are looking for cheats for bridgebasher then currently there are none. This is quite a new app for the iPhone so no cheats have been brought out for bridge basher yet. This may change in the future and if it does hopefully we can get them posted on this page and let you know of any new cheats.

The bridgebasher game app really is a great little app to download on the iPhone or iPad. It’s fun to play and will soon get you hooked. There game is based on basic physics so you can use common sense and skill to get a really good high score. So if you are looking for a good fun free app to download then give bridgebasher a try.


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