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Fun Christmas games for kids

Updated on December 14, 2010

Christmas is a special time for family gatherings, holiday meals and games. Below you will find a variety of fun Christmas games for kids. Pass the parcel game is one of the traditional Christmas game for kids. Other Christmas games are candy jar game, Christmas star game, snowman dress up game, and wrapping the gift race.

1. Fun Christmas candy jar guessing game:

Candy jar guessing game
Candy jar guessing game

Visit your local store and purchase a candy jar. Fill the jar with candy goodies like colored M and M's, gum drops etc. Ask the kids to guess the amount of candy in the jar. Everyone only gets 1 guess and the person whose guess is closest to the actual amount wins the jar of candy.

2. Fun Christmas star game:

Christmas star game for kids
Christmas star game for kids

 Hide the christmas star before the party. Divide the children into groups and send them searching for a Christmas star. The person who gets the Christmas star is the winner. 

3. Pass the parcel game for kids

This is a traditional Christmas game for kids. Wrap a Christmas gift in several layers of paper before the party begins. You can have as many layers of wrapping paper as there are kids. Fasten each layer with tape. To play a game everyone sits in circle. Play music while passing the parcel around from person to person in the circle. As soon as the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes as many layers of wrapping paper as possible. Then play the music and begin passing again. The person who removes the last layer of wrapping paper wins the game.

4. Fun Christmas snowman dress up race game:

Snowman dress up race game
Snowman dress up race game

This fun and simple Christmas game for kids requires a different types of hats, coats and scarves and whatever accessory you can think of that a snowman might want to wear. Throw everything in one large pile and separate the kids into groups. Play Christmas music in the background as the race begins on who can dress their snowman the fastest is the winner.

5. Fun Christmas wrapping the gift race game:

Things you need:

  • Small Christmas gift
  • Mittens
  • Scarf
  • Hat

How to play:

Another simple yet fun Christmas game for kids. Ask each kid to wrap a Christmas gift with mittens, scarf and hat. The fastest to do wrap a gift is the winner. You can get creative and add your own ideas into the mix.

What is your favorite Christmas game for kids?

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      tracy and jaden 6 years ago

      I thing that is great pictures

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      nektarios 6 years ago

      primary school

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      abigail sinar 6 years ago

      these games are amazing for an 11 year old hope everyone likes them!