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Fuse Tactica - Dalton Skill Guide

Updated on August 9, 2013

During my playthrough of Insomniac's Fuse I quickly discovered that there was actually very few guides on how best to level up your characters. Now, Fuse doesn't give you a huge amount of freedom in how you develop each member of your group, but a bit of forward planning will ensure that your team works as efficiently as possible when tackling the campaign.

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Dalton's special weapon is the Magshield: a handheld device that emits a window of magnetic energy in front of him that can catch bullets and fire them back. Its blast is incredibly short ranged, so when used in any offensive fashion you'll need to be pretty close to the enemy: think shotgun range. Fortunately it does have a pretty wide arc that it fires on, so it's certainly possible to catch two or even three enemies within its blast.

It goes without saying that Dalton is the "tank" class in your group of heroes. With the Magshield, he can lay down cover for the team as well as ensure that, if he is taking the majority of the aggro, then he can hunker down behind the safety of his Magshield and still move about the battlefield. Once he reaches his level two upgrades, he'll be capable of deploying portable versions of his Magshield, further increasing his defensive options.

Perhaps the best way to play Dalton is to use him as an anvil for the rest of your team. Whilst Maya roams further ahead, Dalton, preferably with Izzy nearby, whose healing skills and fast-firing rifle complement this strategy nicely, can slowly push up the centre of the battlefield.


Secondary Weapon - I'd recommend either the Savager or Daybreaker as Dalton's supporting weapon. The Prowler is rather overkill for a character whose main weapon already functions very much like a shotgun. By having a medium to long range rifle to fall back on means that Dalton doesn't always need to be right in the enemy's face to deal damage, and can provide covering fire for other characters.

The Daybreaker is semi-automatic, firing short controlled bursts. It also has better aiming at longer distances (looking down the barrel zooms in slightly, unlike with the Savager). While either weapon will do, take note that the AI seems to be obsessed with equipping Dalton with a Daybreaker, even if you give him a Savager instead. Once the computer finds one on a level you can guarantee it'll run and pick it up, so you might be best just leaving him with it if you're playing alone.

Sidearm - With only two available; the Guardian and the Dragonfly, there's not a lot of choice to pick from. Since the Dragonfly's much bigger clip size isn't much of a concern for Dalton, there's very little reason not to simply stick with the Guardian which he initially comes equipped with. It's more accurate for a start, and you're unlikely to be relying on it that much anyway.


Tier One - To begin with, you'll want to dump three points into Ferrofluid Stabalizer; each ability improves the effectiveness of Dalton's shield, either by making it cost less ammo to use, or by being more powerful when fired as a weapon. Most of the time, these class specific skills are the most important, since they tie in directly with how the character functions on the battlefield.

After that you'll have two points left before reaching level two. I recommend spending them on Combat Suit. Dalton is likely to be taking more pressure than any other character and so the increased toughness that these skills grant him should come in handy. The first point is fairly weak (damage decreased by 10% in cover) but the second point will grant you a 25% faster recovery rate which is definitely worth it.

After this, you'll be able to purchase Deployable Shield and move on to tier two skills.

Tier Two - The first two points should be placed in Deployable Shield Upgrade, with both points taken your portable shields will last longer and won't require as much ammo. Note that they can sometimes be useful for Dalton to use for his own protection, don't always think of them as being only for helping your comrades, (although they are really good at doing that too!).

With that done I'd place the last three points into Overcharge Capacitor, increasing the chance of a critical strike on your Magshield. We didn't take any weapon skill upgrades in tier one so it seems less worth it now. Besides, when played correctly, Dalton's Magshield should be one of his primary methods of attack as well as defence.

After that, your grenades will get a boost with Fuse Grenades.

Tier Three - First off, it's over to Kinetic Converter, a skill that increases the damage potential of your Magshield for every ammo volley it's caught. Basically, the better you're doing defending, the more useful it'll be when you're trying to attack back.

Xenotech Circuitry sounds quite nice but seems a little wasted on Dalton. Instead, spending the remaining two points on Fuse Grenade Upgrade will give Dalton a modicum of crowd control. Grenades are always handy anyway, so making them better at what they do seems like the safer pick.

With all of that, you're able to unlock Fusion which will provide you with temporary invulnerability and unlimited ammo for your Magshield for a limited time.

Tier Four - I'd go first for the Fusion Upgrade, a full revive and unlimited ammo, coupled with automatic critical hits whilst in fusion is just too good to pass up.

From there you can pretty much go anywhere, even back down the skill tree to pick some other things up. Reserve Fusion Cells is always a decent option (more time in fusion) and putting the final point into Combat Suit will give you an increase to your maximum health.

© 2013 LudoLogic


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