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Fuse Tactica - Jacob Skill Guide

Updated on August 9, 2013

During my playthrough of Insomniac's Fuse I quickly discovered that there was actually very few guides on how best to level up your characters. Now, Fuse doesn't give you a huge amount of freedom in how you develop each member of your group, but a bit of forward planning will ensure that your team works as efficiently as possible when tackling the campaign.

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Jacob's special weapon is the Arcshot; a sniper rifle and crossbow blended into one gun. As you can imagine, this means that Jacob excels at long range fire fights. The Arcshot has the best zoom capabilities in the game alongside packing one hell of a punch when it hits. Once you've finished the Tier One upgrades, you can acquire the ability to detonate bolts, wherever they may be, with a tap of the secondary fire button. This allows even greater damage output from a single Arcshot bolt as well as giving you the ability to lay traps as it were.

As it stands, Jacob works best as a typical "DPS" style of character in that he deals a lot of damage but doesn't want to be in the thick of the fight. Since the Arcshot has a low rate of fire, it's not ideal for Jacob to be standing face to face with the enemy. Instead, you want to find him a perch where he can steadily take out whatever is the most deadly threat in a given situation. In addition to dealing lots of damage, Jacob's Arcshot bolts can be upgraded to increase the amount of damage that other characters can deal to enemies that Jacob has already injured. This means that, in multiplayer, you'll need a decent level of communication so that the maximum amount of fire can be brought to bear on any particular enemy.


Secondary Weapon - Whilst Dalton can pretty much use either the Savager or the Daybreaker and be relatively happy, Jacob happens to be much better wielding the Savager. It's fully automatic fire complements Jacob's much slower Arcshot, and means that he isn't completely useless should he be required to get closer to the enemy.

Given that the Arcshot tends to run out of ammo more frequently than the other primary weapons, especially if you're not getting many headshots, you'll find that Jacob will be wielding his secondary weapon more frequently than the other characters.Whilst the Daybreaker is a potential option, I'd avoid kitting him out with a Prowler. Jacob's simply not suited to wading in to the thick of it.

Sidearm - I like to take the Dragonfly for Jacob's sidearm. Whilst it deals less damage than the Guardian, and has a lot more ammo, and functions much in the same way as the Savager. Unlike the other characters, Jacob is going to be in some situations where using his Arcshot just isn't viable and so I like to make sure he has plenty of other tools to fall back on.


Tier One - Straight away, you want to grab three points in Poyatomic Mercury, increasing the effectiveness of Jacob's Arcshot. The last point is debatable (increased damage from other sources) but I think Jacob works best as a damage support role, and it's a nice skill to have against bosses.

The other two points you want to spend on Firearms Specialist, the first points will give him more ammo for his Savager, which can burn through clips pretty easily. The second point meanwhile, gives him a headshot/weak point damage bonus when he's wielding any weapon, which is perfect for Jacob.

Tier Two - After picking up the very useful Charge Bolts, you'll then want to move to the Charge Bolt Upgrades, making every bolt even more threatening.

After that you have a choice, you can either place three points into Firearms Expert, giving Jacob more damage with his Savager, alongside a team damage bonus on any enemy hit with a charge bolt. The only thing I don't like about this is, provided you've followed my strategy, you waste an upgrade point taking the second upgrade, which grants damage bonuses to the Prowler, Dragonfly and Guardian; which Jacob won't be making much use out of.

The alternative is to put just one point here, gaining the team damage bonus, which at 20% is hard to pass up, and then move into Overcharge Capacitor with your last two points. This gives Jacob a chance at dealing a critical strike which, whilst the odds are pretty low (only 3% at level two) still avoids you completely wasting a point.

Tier Three - At this level you'll want to stick three points in Xenotech Circuitry. This means that when Jacob's mopping up enemies with a Savager he's more likely to be able to recover some ammo for his Arcshot.

After that I'd put two points in Precision Overcharge Link, which gives him a critical hit bonus for every headshot he's achieved.

Tier Four - As always, the Fusion Upgrade is always a safe bet. Getting a full heal on all your team can be a life saver, and Jacob can certainly make use of that 100% critical hit rate whilst in Fuse mode. With that taken care of you can then go wherever you want. Firearms Master will give your Savager another damage bonus (although at the cost of wasting a point again), while Reserve Fusion Cells means more time for Jacob to go on a critical hit rampage.

© 2013 LudoLogic


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