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Fuse Tactica - Izzy Skill Guide

Updated on August 9, 2013

During my playthrough of Insomniac's Fuse I quickly discovered that there was actually very few guides on how best to level up your characters. Now, Fuse doesn't give you a huge amount of freedom in how you develop each member of your group, but a bit of forward planning will ensure that your team works as efficiently as possible when tackling the campaign.

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Izzy is possibly the most difficult character to create role for, given that she also happens to be the most versatile. Technically, she is designed to work as the team's medic. After completing Tier One, she is able to throw med beacons which heal and/or revive any character that is in the vicinity. At the same time she comes equipped Scattergun: a mid-range automatic rifle that locks enemies in crystal which can then be shattered for critical damage.

For that reason, Izzy perhaps works best as a support character using both her healing abilities and her Scattergun to assist whichever team member is in most need of help. Typically, she works well paired with Dalton. As I mentioned in his skill guide, whilst he provides cover moving up the centre of the battlefield, Izzy can be pinning down the most immediate threats and providing healing to Dalton if it's needed.


Secondary Weapon - The AI is obsessed with equipping Izzy with the Harbinger as her second weapon. Actually, this isn't all that bad of an idea, her Scattergun has a great clip size and means she can handle close to medium range fire fights really well. With a sniper rifle, Izzy can team up with Jacob to provide longer range fire support if necessary and can switch roles whenever she wants thanks to the Scattergun.

The Prowler can also be a decent enough choice if she's paired with Dalton a lot. With his Magshield resulting in a lot of close range encounters having a shotgun can come in handy. Having said that, given that the Magshield is so good up close, this might be tad overkill.

Sidearm - Go for the Guardian. She doesn't need the better clip size of the Dragonfly thanks to her primary weapon, so having the Guardian results in better damage output.


Tier One - Grabbing all three points in Reinforced Melantine should be your first goal; improving the quality of your Scattergun. After that you can go either way. If you find you're using Izzy as a support character for Dalton then grab two points in Combat Suit since she's likely to be taking some increased fire. Plus you don't want your medic being knocked out at the worst possible moment.

However, if that's not what she's being used for, and you have Izzy equipped with a Harbinger, get two points in Firearms Specialist. This will improve the effectiveness of your headshots, and give you more bullets to fire.

Tier Two - Assuming you're making use of Izzy's medic skill, you'll want to plug two points in Medic Beacon Upgrade. It's surprising just how useful the med beacon can be so this is really worthwhile, even if she's not working as a full-on support character.

Then taking one point in Firearms Expert is a good choice, granting team members a damage bonus when they fire from inside a med beacon. Finally, you'll want to put points in Overcharge Capacitor, which increases the critical hit rate of enemies shattered from being encased in crystal. If you're definitely not using Izzy's med beacon a lot, then put all three points in here and ignore the level one Firearms Expert bonus.

Tier Three - There's two choices here and they're pretty self-explanatory. Either grab three points in Xenotech Circuitry (for offensive builds) or three points in Medic Overcharge Amp (healing/defensive builds). Either way I would only go for one or the other with these and put the last two points into Fuse Grenade Upgrade.

Tier Four - Fusion Upgrade is the first one to grab. Even if you're not using Izzy for healing, like a said in the other guides, a full team heal/revive is just too good to ignore. Any build can also make use of the 100% critical strikes from shatters whilst in fusion that you can also pick up. After that I'd get Reserve Fusion Cells; much like Jacob, having more in time in fusion means more time to exploit that 100% critical strike potential.

Of all the characters Izzy is the most awkward to plan for since she's very much the jack-of-all-trades kind of character. Still the good thing about that is just about any combination will do some good. However, I think deciding beforehand whether she's going to focus on aggression or healing will help you a lot easier in the long term.

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