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Giantmicrobe Flu Plush

Updated on June 4, 2014
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Giantmicrobes Video

Flu Plush

giant microbe flu plush
giant microbe flu plush | Source

Flu Plush has come up with a fantastic range of cute toys, although they are cute they are also very wierd.

Who would have ever thought of creating and selling plush microbes?

It is such a strange idea but it actually works! The giantmicrobe company has a huge selection of plush microbes and each one comes with a little fact sheet that tells you all about the particular microbe that you have bought. In this hub we are going to focus on the selection of flu microbes.

Everybody knows that there are several different types of flu virus and Giantmicrobes has turned several of these into cute little cuddly toys. The first one we will check out is the flu virus, the scientific name being orthomyxovirus. The orthomyxovirus is a cute looking critter but it can be a very unpleasent microbe as it spreads extremely quickly and uses its friends to gang up on your immune system making you sick.

The orthomyxovirus toy comes with a fact sheet that tells you all about the microbe. It explains the weaknesses of the flu virus and gives advice on how to avoid contracting the flu. This is a great way of explaining to children about why it is so important to wash your hands whenever you get them dirty and have just been to the bathroom and before handling food. If you show a child a cute little toy and then explain the advantages of good hygiene there is a better chance of the child understanding.

The flu plush comes with a picture of a flu microbe under a microscope so that you can see what the microbe looks like for real.

Swine Flu

Swine Flu
Swine Flu | Source

Swine Flu

The swine flu whos scientific name is Influenza A virus H1N1 is quite a nasty virus and spread throughout several countries. There were lots of cases of swine flu reported in Mexico, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. There were many news reports about the swine flu because it was considered to be very serious as it caused several deaths. The swine flu is similar to the orthomyxovirus in the way it breeds at such a rapid rate.

The Giantmicrobe swine flu plush toy comes with a fact sheet that tells you all about the virus and explains the things you can do to avoid contracting the virus. The swine flu plush is similar looking to the flu microbe plush because the real virus looks similar and is basically a mutated version of the flu virus. made the swine flu microbe pink and pig like to make it look cute and so that children can associate it with the swine flu virus.

These plush microbes are excellent educational toys and are very collectable. Plush microbes are great gifts to give to children to educate them. They also make excellent humerous gifts for people you don't know what gifts to give.

Bird Flu

Bird Flu Plush
Bird Flu Plush | Source

Bird Flu Plush

The bird flu plush is an interesting toy. It is black and somewhat bird shaped so that when you look at it you can see that it is a bird flu microbe. The scientific name of the bird flu is Influenza A virus-H5N1, which is similar to the swine flu microbe and the flu microbe.

This is an adorable plush toy and like those above is educational. The bird flu can make humans and other species of animals sick, a virus that can affect multiple species is really hard to fight. To avoid contracting the virus it is a good idea to make sure that you wash your hands when you use the toilet, when you sneeze and when you stroke or handle any kind of animal.

The bird flu has killed a huge number of birds over the last few years and has made countless humans ill. There has been a massive cull on several species of bird in order to prevent the bird flu from spreading and affecting domestic birds and agricultural birds like chickens. Chickens and ducks and other agricultural birds that contract this virus cannot be eaten and so become useless to farmers so culling the birds is a way of preventing agricultural birds being killed unnecessarily and thus causing farmers to lose a lot of money. This bird flu comes with a picture of an actual bird flu microbe and it also comes with a fact sheet that tells you all about the bird flu.

This would make an excellent present for any child who is looking to become a vet or a doctor as a way of introducing them to viruses and ways to avoid them.


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