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Gigi Grant Doll From Monster High - Release Date - Thirteen Wishes

Updated on May 10, 2013

Today we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Gigi Grant doll from Monster High. We will tell you all about this new character at Monster High and show you just what the new Gigi Grant doll is going to look like. This one is being released as part of the Thirteen Wishes line of toys and we will check out the release date for these and also let you know where you can get hold of Gigi, Twyla and the other new dolls released from this range.

Every few months it seems that the people behind Monster High, Mattel, are determined to bring out a brand new character. Sometimes they just suddenly appear in the webisodes whereas other times they are announced at toy fairs or a comic convention and they are brought into the story in a special show. The latter is true of Gigi Grant, we first got confirmation that she would be joining the list of ghouls at school back in February when it was revealed at the Pre-American International Toy Fair. Even before this there had been rumours cropping up about a new character named Gigi. So now we know for sure that this character is being released, what else can we tell you about her?

The New Gigi Grant Doll

Gigi Grant Doll Release Date & Other News

So the first bit of news we can give you concerns release date. Gigi has been confirmed as one of the dolls brought out in the Thirteen Wishes line of toys which has a release date of July. As fans will know, often release dates get moved forward and so do not be surprised to see this turning up online as early as May, but the official release date for this doll and the other ones in the range is July.

So what can we tell you about the actual character. Well as the name suggests, Gigi Grant is the daughter of a Genie. She has the power to grant wishes to other students at school. At the moment we don't know much more about her actual personality as she has not featured in the show. We can tell you that Howleen Wolf is the first ghoul to come across Gigi so we are assuming Howleen is the first one to get her wishes granted. As you will already know, all the ghouls at school have their very own pets and this is true of this new character. Her little pet is a purple scorpion called Sultan Sting. He has big blue eyes and likes to keep a close eye on Gigi whenever he can.

So I am sure you are now wondering exactly what the new doll is going to look like. Well as you can from the picture Gigi Grant has bright red hair which is tied up. She wears short black leggins with silver decorations on them, she has a little blue jacket and big pink shoes. The doll is also wearing little earrings and gold bracelets on each arm. Along with the doll you also get Sultan Sting which looks to be very cute and of course you get the lamp that Gigi was discovered in. As is usually the case with most of the Monster High dolls you also get a hair brush, a diary and a doll stand.

As this is a brand new doll we are expecting it to be very popular when it comes out. Chances are it could be a tricky one to find and so online is a good place to try to get hold of one of these dolls. It will be interesting to see if Gigi Grant becomes one of the more regular characters at Monster High or if she fades into the background a little bit once the Thirteen Wishes show has aired.

Thirteen Wishes Party Dolls

The New Twyla Doll

The Thirteen Wishes Monster High Dolls

So when Gigi Grant comes out we are also getting another character called Twyla. She is the daughter of the Boogie Man and is very well known for being shy and quiet. She often hides under normies beds and tries to capture their nightmares and give them nice dreams, so pretty much the opposite as what her dad is famed for. Twyla looks blue in appearance and had a little pet dust bunny named Dustin. She is the only other brand new character brought out in this range and she will also have a release date of July.

Along with the two brand new ghouls we are also going to be getting two other standard versions of Howleen Wolf and Lagoona Blue. Howleen is the ghoul who first finds the lamp and so we are expecting her to be the first one who gets to use the wishes. These dolls are pretty standard looking but are still likely to be popular. There is also a Cleo De Nile play set coming out which will feature two little sun loungers, a hot tub and a palm tree. This is the only way you can get the Cleo 13 wishes doll if you buy the play set.

Along with these releases there is also said to be three party dolls coming out. These will be Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf. These also have a release date of July 2013 and we are expecting them to be sold separately. Each doll comes in a brand new party dress and also comes with a cute little lantern which lights the dolls up nicely. As is nearly always the case they also come with a standard doll stand. After having a close look at all three we think that Draculaura is the highlight as her dress really does look stunning.

As you can see with the upcoming release of the new Thirteen Wishes range of dolls fans and Monster High collectors are going to be very busy over the next few months. The main character in this special storyline is undoubtedly Gigi Grant and she looks like being a really nice little doll. When this brand new set comes out in July fans all over the world are going to be eager to get their hands on Gigi, Twyla and the other new Monster High dolls.


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      danielle 3 years ago

      I found Gigi at Fredmeyers,she's harder to find then Twyla.