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Glass Tower 2 Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats, Level Walkthroughs

Updated on March 3, 2011


Looking for Glass Tower 2 game app tips, hints, cheats and level walkthroughs? Then you are in the right place. In this article we will have a look at the Glass Tower 2 app for the iPhone and iPad and see why it is so popular. We will have a look at some game tips, see if there are any Glass Tower 2 cheats available and also see if we can come up with a few level walkthroughs.

Glass Tower 2 is currently a very popular app on the download chart. This basic puzzle game is a follow up to the original Glass Tower game and basically follows on where the old one left off. This little iPhone app is currently free to download and very good fun to play. If you are looking for a puzzle game that will get you thinking and keep you entertained for a while then this one is for you.

Glass Tower 2 Game


When you load the Glass Tower 2 app up you are taken to the menu screen. From here you have several options. First of all you can click on ‘game’ and you can play. Or first of all you can view the options page. Here you can adjust the sound controls and you can even select music to play from your iPod which is a very nice little feature of the game. You can also change the background image for when you play the game. Another option on this page is to buy level editor. We will talk about this more in a while.

Another option on the menu page is the ‘shop’. The free version of Glass Tower 2 contains just 15 levels. These are alright to play but it does not take long to complete them all. So if you want to make the most of this app you need to spend some money. In the shop you have the option to buy extra level packs. There are three packs to choose from and each one contain 75 levels. A pack will cost you 99c. You also have the option to buy the level editor for 99c, this allows you to design your own levels and add them to the game, with this option there are limitless levels you can create and then play.

Although the free version of Glass Tower 2 on the iPhone is a good little game, it is really just a taster. To really get the most out of this game you need to purchase some of the level packs.

Game Play


The game play is pretty basic. You start off on level one, although you can start on the last level you ended the game on if you prefer. You are presented with a Glass Tower of red and blue blocks. The idea is to remove the blue blocks from the screen whilst keeping all the red blocks from falling off the screen. To remove a block you simply tap it and it will smash and disappear. You start the game with 10 lives, for each red block that you either smash or it falls of the screen, you lose a life. When you lose all your lives it’s the end of your game.

So the idea is to remove the blocks in the best possible order to prevent the reds ones from falling off screen. You do get a few icons to help you though. Inside some blocks you smash are bonuses, these will move up the side of the screen, tap them to collect. The bonuses range from extra lives to freezing the blocks in place. There are 7 different bonus icons you can collect which will help you complete the levels. Level one starts off very easy and they get progressively harder as you go through the game. If you complete all the levels then the game ends and you can register your high score. The game is pretty easy to get the hang of and it’s one that most people will pick up in no time.

Tips, Cheats, Level Walkthroughs


If you want some tips for Glass Tower 2 then there are a few we can look at. There are different strategies for completing levels. Some people like the slow measured approach, this is needed on some levels and is the best way to save all your red blocks. On some levels however it is better to just smash as fast as you can. One tip is to plan ahead, work out where the blocks will be falling and how they will be affected by other blocks in the tower. The best tip is probably to use the bonuses. The freeze one is the best, if you get this just quickly tap all the blue blocks and you should complete the level perfectly. The magnet bonus also comes in very handy, again you can usually just clear all the blue blocks and the red ones will stay on the platform.

If you are looking for cheats for Glass Tower 2 then I am sorry to say that currently there are none. This is still quite a newly released game so it maybe that someone brings some cheats out in the future, but for now, no Glass Tower 2 cheats. You will just have to play the game in the way it was meant to be played.

Usually at this point I would try to give you some level walkthroughs for particularly difficult levels. However it’s a little difficult to do this on Glass Tower as you tend to find that often the levels can work quite randomly. It depends what bonus icons you get, depends how the blocks shift and a few other things, so often there is no one way to complete a level. So you will have to try and work it out for yourself.

The Glass Tower 2 app for the iPhone really is a great little game. This is one that is well worth a download and although it is quite limited on the free version it is still worth a play. So if you want a nice little puzzle game to keep you occupied for a few hours then download Glass Tower 2 for the iPhone.


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