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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Caida Libre

Updated on September 27, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: Vinewood Hills

Unlocked After: Eye in the Sky

Michael's common sense seems to be leaving him. Not only is he taking a lot of jobs for free, he seems to be doing it for psychotic gangsters who previously beat him up and threatened him with death. (For, in fairness, pulling down a house with his car. Gotta expect repercussions.) This time Michael's going to be participating in an aerial takedown, and with Trevor's help he expects to make some new friends... though perhaps at the cost of some respect from his colleagues.

- Head to the outskirts of Vinewood Hills. The compound you're looking for will stick out.

- Approach the house and watch the cut scene.

- Drive up to the observatory on the map as Michael. Enjoy the conversation between Michael and Trevor in the meantime. What a weirdo.

- Hop out of your ride, go over the fence at the top, and find the van behind the trees that are overlooking the edge of the mountain.

- Hop in the van. Once the game is done loading you'll have control of the gun in the back.

- Now for some fun. You need to shoot down the plane that's soaring around the city - specifically, you need to take out one of its engines. To hit the thing you need to aim for the box in front of the plane, and now the plane itself. Position your crosshairs ahead of the box, wait for it to get close, and then fire. Don't worry about hitting the box dead on - a near hit will also suffice. Three shots like this will bring the plane down.

- Even more fun: now you get to keep up with the plane as Trevor while it crashes. Tag the thing while it soars across the countryside, keeping as close to its tail as you can manage. The path is more clear-cut than it looks at first, and though there are a few hairy occasions, as well as some brushes with traffic, you won't have too much trouble with the course. Don't be afraid to cut through fields and go off-roading. Watch out for ramps, as well - if you see one, you need to take it. Do otherwise and you'll fly short, run into a train, or wind up doing something else horrible to Trevor. Once you're in 'Trevor Philips Country', you'll know you're getting close to the end of the line.

- Pull up beside the downed plane in the field, snag your firearm of choice, and kill the guy who's asking for help. Be careful, as he's armed himself.

- Get inside the plane and snag the files.

- Hop back to Michael. Drive the van off of the mountainside.

- Once you're somewhere more secluded, get out and use the Jerry Can that appears in your inventory (or some other form of explosive) to take out the van.

- Find a new source of transportation, probably a passing car, and use it to return to the waypoint. On the way, Trevor will tell you to meet him at the cement works instead. Uh oh.

- Head to the waypoint by the cement works. That, ah, that'll bring the mission to an end… ish.

Note: Michael and Trevor will be unavailable for a little while after the end of this mission. They, uh… yeah. Have fun, Franklin.

Gold Medal Completion

Floor It - Reach top speed on the dirt bike. There aren't a ton of opportunities to get this fast, as you're going over rough terrain, but your best bet is during the last leg of the chase. Use the relatively straight roads in trevors home country to rev up to full speed. Barring that, simply hope for a hill that's not too bumpy as you go down it.

Glued to the Seat - Don't fall off the dirt bike during the chase. Considering the speed you'll be going at, if you fall off you'll probably die. Watch out for small objects such as fences - they're the most likely to slip by unnoticed and catch you at the last second.

One Two Three - Shoot down the plane with only three shots. Not difficult at all once you've got the hang of it. Lead the plane and shoot for the red box.

Time - Complete within 9:45. Everything here is important, but it's essential that you get ditching the van and getting back to Trevor out of the way quickly. Don't spend time hoofing it across the land, just drive.


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