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Hot Wheels Cars

Updated on February 3, 2010

Hot Wheels

There are many different Hot Wheels cars on the market, but sometimes you don't realize what all goes into the different cars. Mattel has had numerous designers and makers drawing, molding, and figuring out trends in toys as well as the automotive industry so that they can release the best toy model cars.

Throughout the years, Mattel has worked diligently and has succeeded in providing the most loved toy cars. Their cars are small die-cast cars that can be used on fun race tracks, as well as just by themselves.

There are so many series and variations that it can be hard to pick your favorite.

If you're a Hot Wheels collector, you probably know what you like and what you're looking for. But for the most part little boys just like cars, so they don't care which pack they bring home or which series they have in their toy box.

Hot Wheels toy cars are going to be one of the most long-lived toys, reaching of several generations.

Hot Wheels Car Series

Because Mattel has been making Hot Wheels toy cars since 1968, they have produced a wide array of model cars. The original 16 cars were a composite of 10 custom versions of regular cars and 6 real show cars, but as the years progressed and Mattel watched trends in toys and automobiles, they started designing and creating different series.

In 1970, the Heavyweight vehicles came onto the market, to include a dump truck, moving van, tow truck, and other large vehicles. Mattel also released the Hot Wheels Sizzlers, which introduced more muscle cars into the market. In 1973, the Fat Daddy Sizzlers were released, which included 7 cars such as Needle Nose, Ram Rocket, and the Highway Hauler. In 1974, the Flying Colors Line of toy cars were released, which featured cars with flashy decals and tampo-printed paint designs. The Redline Series Hot Wheels cars was faded out in 1977, when the real trends of removing the red line around the tired faded.

In the 1980s, Mattel released several different types of cars that had different wheel rims. The Hot Ones wheels had gold-painted hubs, thinner axles for speed, and additional suspension; the Ultra Hots had other speed improvements and featured wheels like the Renault Fuego or a Mazda 626.

The 1990s was a pretty big era for Hot Wheels, as Mattel introduced many different series, such as the 1995 Model Series, including all cars of that year and the 1996 Model Series, also known as the First Editions. Mattel also released the Treasure Hunt Series Hot Wheels, which included 12 cars that were released in very limited numbers between 1995 and 1998.

In the '90s, Mattel introduced many other series, most of which included just 4 cars with paint schemes that all followed the same theme, such as the Pearl Diver cars that had pearlescent paint. The NASCAR replica race cars and Formula One cars were released in the late 90s, as were the 30th anniversary Hot Wheels cars. The 1990s was a pretty era for Hot Wheels cars, with many new series and several new wheel designs. Several new wheel designs were also introduced in the 90s.

And, in the 2000s, Mattel released a whole new generation of Hot Wheels cars. There were more Treasure Hunt cars, First Editions, Segment Series cars with 4 cars per series, and many Open Stock cars. Mattel produced a 35th anniversary series in 20003, and in 2005 they unveiled the "Hot 100" line, which included many series such as Tooned (cars with a cartoonish look), Blings (boxy bodies and big wheels), Hardnoze (enlarged fronts), Crooze (stretched out bodies), and Fatbax (super-wide back tires and short bodies).

In 2005, the Realistix series Hot Wheels were released, as well as Track Aces, more Open Stock cars, Segment Series cars, and Treasure Hunt cars. In 2007, the Segment Series were renamed the Teams, Track Aces were renamed Track Stars, and Open Stock cars were renamed the All Stars; Mattel released the Code cars and Mystery Cars in 2007, as well.

For the most part, Mattel continues to add to their current series, but they do add new series of cars to the Hot Wheels line. There will be a Battle Force 5 series released in 2010, as well as an Exotic series, Sarks cars, Vanals cars, Race World series, and a K-Mart Special series of Hot Wheels cars.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 

      8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Excellent hub on hot wheels cars. Really a great hub.

    • MikeNV profile image


      8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      An acquaintance of mine used to shop the special editions because Mattel would release different cars in different markets. Then he would buy all the limited models... and sell them on eBay. He did pretty good for awhile.


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