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Mattel Hot Wheels Motorcycles

Updated on February 3, 2010

Hot Wheels Motorcycles

Mattel didn't forget about motorcycles when designing their hot wheels collection. Although, most associated with cars, the term "hot wheels" can really be used to refer to any sort of vehicle, whether muscle car, semi- truck, or motorcycle, which is why Mattel didn't leave anything out.

Mattel created many classic motorcycles, such as their Harley Davidson motorcycles, but they've also designed several futuristic motorcycles, as well as a few themed bikes, such as the bat-bike.

The Hot Wheels motorcycle series is not the most popular, but for collectors and boys, the toys are very entertaining and exciting, especially for collectors when they can find some of the more limited original series motorcycles Mattel produced.

Below, you'll find great examples of some of Mattel's best toy motorcycles in the Hot Wheels series, which include their Classic series, Blast Lane series, Action series, Motorcross series, and Harley Davidson Hot Wheels series.

Hot Wheels Classic Motorcycle

In 1971, Mattel released the R-R-Rumblers and the Chopcycles to their line of toy cars and trucks. The toy motorcycles just aren't quite as popular as the cars or even the trucks, but Mattel has definitely produced a good number of them.

The most popular of the classic motorcycles include the Boss Hoss, Bad Badger, and W-Oozie.

With these different motorcycle toys, there comes a wide variety, even with the Bad Badger motorcycle, there are different colors and paint schemes as well as features. Depending on what you're looking at, they're all great toys, but from a collector's point of view, you'll probably want to gt one of each.

The Hot Wheels classic series motorcycles are a nice addition to any collection, especially if you can find a few that are in near mint condition, if not still in the box, which is not very common.

Mattel Toy Motorcycles

Although, you will find a decent variety in the Mattel Hot Wheels motorcycle models, you won't find nearly the variation as you would in the cars, which is why not as many people collect these toys. But, at the same time, because the variation and models aren't as distinctive and different, this could make them more valuable to collectors.

The original Hot Wheels motorcycles, including the Chopcycles and R-R-Rumblers are pretty hard to find, especially in mint or near mint condition, which I figure would make them more valuable. Since some of the Hot Wheels cars are valued at over $300, why can't the motorcycles be valued as high?

But, for the most part, when people are looking for the Mattel motorcycles, they're not necessarily searching by value just aesthetics.

Because the motorcycles have two wheels versus four, they just aren't compatible with the majority of the Hot Wheels tracks, which in my opinion, makes them less desirable among children. The tracks make things more interesting, and if you can't shoot the motorcycles across the room with the push of a button, some children just don't want them.

For motorcycle riders, these toy cars are great gifts and collector's items, especially in regards to Harley lovers, since Mattel produced a full Harley Davidson theme series. These are great when featured on a shelf, but even better when kept new in the box.

The Hot Wheels motorcycle toys have bright and colorful paint jobs and decals, and in a lot of cases, you will be able to find different toy motorcycles of the same model with different wheels, exhaust, paint, and other features, just like real motorcycles that have been altered.


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    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      Actually, the Rumblers had a clear plastic 4-wheel adapter that you mounted the bike on and would allow it to run on standard Hot Wheels track. I had 2 of these I got as an Xmas present. There was a raked chopper and the rider wore a top hat(!) wonder how he kept that on! The other was a cafe racer with a leaned over rider wearing goggles. They were very cool. Always wished there had been a version for the Sizzler series of electronically charged toys.