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Hot Wheels Trucks

Updated on March 20, 2011

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are famous for their variety of small toy cars, but the model car series should not exclude their line of trucks.

Mattel couldn't exclude monster trucks, working trucks, and flat-bed trucks from their car series, just like they couldn't exclude motorcycles.

There are many different toy trucks to choose from, and each have their own personalities, so to speak. With their individual names and paint schemes, you'll find that each Hot Wheels truck is a little different.

Depending on if you're just looking for a truck toy or if you're looking for a collector's piece, you'll find the trucks that were released early in Hot Wheels history are more valuable than those released in modern dates.

Buy Hot Wheels Trucks

The trucks are just as easy to find as the cars are. You can find them on the shelves at any toy store or store that sells toys and sells Hot Wheels. Toys R Us is a popular toy store that offers a wide array of Hot Wheels to choose from.

Other places to find Hot Wheels trucks include:

  • Collector's expos
  • eBay
  • Online classifieds
  • Online stores
  • Yard sales

Depending on what you are looking for- series, year, and model- you will find that where you purchase your Hot Wheels toy trucks will vary, as not all venues may offer certain varieties of trucks. For example, you just won't find vintage Hot Wheels trucks at Toys R Us, but you would find them on eBay, collector's expos, and online classifieds.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck

You would normally think of monster trucks as being big, and Hot Wheels did create a large version, but they also have a monster struck series of the small die-cast cars.

These trucks feature die-cast chassis and bodies and large, oversized tires with chrome rims. The Monster Jam Hot Wheels truck series includes 13 1:64 scale trucks, but you can find 18 trucks in the micro Monster Jam series. The micro monster trucks each have a pull-back motor for outrageous racing action.

The Hot Wheels monster trucks have a wide range of different truck styles  that offer a nice variety choice.

Hot Wheels Work Trucks

Work trucks include dump trucks, postal trucks, semi- trucks, and tanker trucks. Pretty much any truck that is made to perform a job, is a work truck. These trucks are generally a part of the Hot Wheels Heavyweight series, which also includes buses, trailers, fire engines, moving vans, cement mixers, ambulance, tow truck, and other types of working trucks.

These trucks are ready to do hard labor.

Hot Wheels Truck

Hot Wheels couldn't make work trucks without making "regular" trucks. You will find that the bulk of these trucks are going to be Dodge, Chevy, and Ford trucks. Depending on their year model, they'll have various designs and paint schemes. You may even find multiple trucks for the same truck model, each with different features, paint, and decals.

The most popular Hot Wheels trucks are the classic trucks that feature vintage models.


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    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 8 years ago from south Florida

      I can remember buying my kids matchbox cars. Wish I still had them; could make a fortune on ebay.