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How to Carry Games With Mid Lane League of Legends

Updated on January 8, 2014

Mid lane is one of the more popular roles in League of Legends and carrying with this role is a little bit different than other lanes in that you are in the middle. You are the center of attention and have the most influence when it comes to roaming around the map and effecting other lanes. Playing mid involves a lot of early game pressure to win your lane and farm, but also to try to set up some kills in other lanes.

Benefits of playing mid lane

  1. It is one of the hardest lanes to gank. Dying to ganks mid lane is a lot harder than top or bot because you have the option to run either top or bot instead of just back. This makes it harder to die to ganks especially if you have an escape. This also apply to counter ganks. Because you have so much room to escape, you also have more time to set up a counter gank.
  2. You have the most roam potential. When is the last time you ever saw bottom roaming around the map and setting up kills? Probably not that often. Bottom and top can roam, but they have a lot further to go because they are further away from the action. As a mid you are in the middle. The center of the game with the most opportunity to gank other lanes.
  3. You can help win with vision. Your wards as mid lane are some of the most important because you have the chance to ward in the enemy jungle and help get vision on where the jungler is and where he is going. Knowing where the enemy jungler is can help your other lanes be aggressive without the fear of getting ganked.
  4. Access to a lot of gold. You have a solo lane which means you can get a lot of farm and experience making you strong throughout the game. This allows you to have a lot of pressure in the game and carry your team to victory.

Winning Lane

You want to win lane because it makes the enemy mid laner weak and makes you stronger in the process. If you win your lane hard, you are setting yourself up to win the game and have a much easier time in team fights.

This also prohibits the enemy mid lane from roaming and putting a lot of pressure on other lanes and allows you to roam as a result.

Winning lane is all about trading damage and hitting your skill shots. The more you hit the more damage you do and the more likely you are going to be to kill the enemy or make him go home. Hitting your abilities is just about practicing and knowing your champion. This comes with time and practice and you will get better the more you play.

You also want to have solid mechanics and last hitting. Because you do not have extra attack damage, it can be harder to last hit minions. This makes mid a little bit harder, but once you hit higher levels you can use your abilities more to farm and push waves. The more minions you get the stronger you will be and the more likely you will be to get kills and win trades. Even if you are having a hard time in lane if you can stay ahead in minions you are winning the lane.

Roaming and setting up kills

In ranked games it is all about setting up your team with kills and gold. Competitive play isn't always the same as in solo queue and this is something that you have to remember. You cannot win games just on farming alone. You have to help your team get ahead so it is easier to win the game.

However, you do not want to lose a lot of farm or even a turret because of a roam, especially if you are not able to pick up a kill. Making your roams effective is the only way to make them work. Failed roams are just going to set you behind.

Know the champions you are playing and if roaming will even work. If you are playing a champion that does not have a lot of crowd control of damage, roaming might not be the best call. Know if you can get a kill or help your other lane and do not roam if it isn't going to set up something.

Also set up objectives like turrets and dragons with your roam. The more you can take off it the better and more likely you are going to be to win the game.

Team fighting

Depending on what mid lane you go the job you have in a team fight is going to be different. If you are an assassin you are going to want to take out a key target and if you are an area of effect mage you want to hit as many people as possible and do as much damage as you can.

The main thing you want to do is stay alive. You are not much use to your team dead and you cannot carry or do damage from the grave. Now you can die and win the team fight but you have to make sure you used your abilities well before you go down.

What is going to keep you alive is going to be good positioning. You have to make sure you are not overextending and the enemy cannot pick you off. Stay behind your tanks and only get exposed if you can kill someone important or make a play.


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      Leo 3 years ago

      I have a lot more that I should be doing, but noihtng I enjoy more than reading your work (during commercials breaks from the men's ACC Rock on, Mechelle!!