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How to Make Money With Video Games

Updated on February 9, 2014

Making money online by playing video games is not a matter of your uber gaming skill. It is a matter of your work ethic and your desire to make an extra income through one of your hobbies. Whether you want to make some extra cash from World of Warcraft, earn a living as a Call of Duty or Halo expert, or just try your hand at making money online, this guide will get you started.

If you are reading this article, you are probably somewhat of an experienced gamer and are looking to take a stab at turning your gaming talents into some cold hard cash. I am here to tell you that unless you are already making money on a tournament circuit or ranked near the top in the world of a top selling game, any real money that you make from video games will not come from actually playing the games. Your extra income from playing video games is going to come from writing about video games. That's right, you don't even have to spend 10 hours a day honing your skills, all you have to do is have something to say.

Writing about Video Games on Hubpages

The first step to start earning extra income online is by signing up for a Hubpages account. Hubpages is an online community that gives you the tools to create articles about basically whatever you want and gives you a leg up on getting traffic to your hubs, or articles. You can read more about Hubpages on their FAQ page.

In a nutshell, making money by writing about video games is a simple process. Once you have a Hubpages account and have familiarized yourself with the layout and procedures, its time to create your first hub. Generally, hubs are between 500 and 800 words and contain pictures and videos related to the topic. My suggestion is to write a short article about the video game you are currently playing the most. Write about a tip or trick that you use on a regular basis that you think would be beneficial and interesting to other players. To the right are links to some examples of hubs that other hubbers have posted in the gaming category. Browse through these examples and even do some searches on Hubpages to find other hubs about the game you want to write about. Do not copy any other hubber's content but you do not have to re-invent the wheel at Hubpages, much can be learned by browsing and reading what has  and has not worked for other aspiring internet writers.

I Published My First Hub! When Do I Get Paid?

Great! You have a great looking hub that everyone will want to read. You are on now your way to generating an extra income by sharing your knowledge of video games with the world. The next step is to sign up for Google Adsense. Basically, Hubpages and Google will place advertisements on your article related to keywords in your content. You get paid when your visitors view and click on these ads, meaning that the more traffic you have to your page, the more money you get paid. To the right are some well written hubs explaining Google Adsense in more detail as well as how to best make money on Hubpages.

Now that you've done some research and learned more about how to make money by writing about video games and published your first hub, it's time to move on to the next step of the process...publish more hubs! With each hub that you publish, your opportunity to make money increases.

Tips for Promoting Your Hubs

  • Publish hubs about similar topics (all about one game) and link them together through an RSS feed or links on each hub.  You can even create a capstone hub about the game you are writing about to link all of your hubs together.
  • Become active in the forums.  People on Hubpages love to help each other out by critiquing hubs and offering up advice.
  • Use social networking like Facebook and Twitter to promote your hubs.
  • Create a blog and link to your hubs.

My Hub Isn't Earning Me Any $$$, What's Wrong?

The general consensus around Hubpages is that it takes approximately six months of writing and learning to generate a consistent income from Hubpages.  A realistic goal to set for each hub that you produce is to earn $1 per month per hub.  This will not happen in the beginning, as it takes a while for your hubs to mature and rank up in search engine results, but if you continue writing new hubs on a consistent basic, you will see your earnings increase over time.  Think about it, if you publish 100 hubs that earn you $1 a month, that is $100 a month with only the initial investment of the time to write the article and promote your hub. 

Six months may sound like a long time and a lot of work for little gain, but when you get there, cashing a check each month for $100-$300 will feel very nice!


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    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 5 years ago

      Dillon, the idea is that if you create a Hub that has good information, you do your research on keyword optimization, and on a topic that is relevant for a long period of time, you will continue earning money from the hub until people cease to find it.

      I have barely published anything on Hubpages in the last four or five months, but I'm still getting checks each month for upwards of $100...for work that I did a long time ago. Over the last four or five months, if I would have continued to publish quality Hubs, my checks would continue to grow bigger each month. It's all about the effort that you put into your writing.

    • profile image

      Dillon Aitken 5 years ago

      How is it even possible to write a hundred 500-800 word articles in one month!? Did I read that wrong or are you expecting people to write a couple of these every day in order to make only $100 a month? I know people who deliver newspapers to houses every morning who get around $600-$700 a month just for that.

    • profile image

      Paulo360 5 years ago

      Would love to get started on here but wouldn't really know where to start, any tips please? Passionate gamer know alto on things people would be interested in got loads of good tips.

    • wsupaul88 profile image

      wsupaul88 6 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Really enjoyed this Hub as a fellow gamer and also a Hubber with similar goals and timeline. Thanks for writing it!

    • bcarter profile image

      bcarter 6 years ago from Green Bay, WI

      That's a wonderful start. Nothing like a sale to keep one motivated.


    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 6 years ago

      Thanks B, hopefully I'll achieve the goals that I set out. I just checked my Amazon account and I've already made 3 sales! Very exciting for someone just starting out :)

    • bcarter profile image

      bcarter 6 years ago from Green Bay, WI

      Congratulations on your decision to write 50 hubs my March 1st, I'm sure you will make it.