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Discover the warrior within with Paintball!

Updated on May 14, 2010

Basic paintball equipment!

Tippman 98 Custom - the dominant airsoft rental today. Shown with a hopper and a gas tank. Paintball mask is included in most rentals
Tippman 98 Custom - the dominant airsoft rental today. Shown with a hopper and a gas tank. Paintball mask is included in most rentals

What you need

Playing paintball with rental equipment is really simple and very fun!

First, you will have to find a paintball field near you. Call them up and ask when their open field day is. If you have a group of people who want to play, ask if you can get a field to play on. Ask if they have rental equipment for you to have.

On a chosen day, put on some old clothes and pack some water with you. Paintball is an intense sport, and you must stay hydrated. Arrive on the field and get your rental equipment. A lot of fields charge per game or per hour. Expect to spend ~30$ on rentals.

Paintball fields make their money from selling paintballs. If you have your own paintballs, you will have to pay a fee to use them. Buy 1000 paintballs, as the average rental Tippman 98 hopper holds 200. One hopper may last you a game or an hour, depending on how much you shoot.

The people at the field will charge your rental gun's compressed air tank and you are good to go.

Paintball rules are as follows - if you get a paint splash on you larger than a dime, you are dead and are out. If a ball hits you, but does not break, you may continue playing or call a referee for a "paint check". Most games are fast paced elimination or capture the flag.

Unlike airsoft, where you need to get a lot of equipment to play or outdoor laser tag, which requires expensive equipment and setup, Paintball can be played with a marker, some paintballs and a mask!

An extreme example of paintball in the woods - woodball
An extreme example of paintball in the woods - woodball

Paintball action.

 Paintball features extreme and very close quarters action. Camouflage is generally not effective at these ranges, unless you are laying perfectly still. Few people ever are, as paintball is all about speed.

Most rental paintball markers shoot at about 240FPS with 280 FPS being the field limit at a lot of places. Due to gravity, paintball arch as they fly further, so most people aim a bit above the target. The accuracy of paintball guns, especially rentals is medium, with 50-60 feet being a good engagement distance. If your barrel gets covered with paint, your accuracy will suffer.

Because paintball features intense action, most games are short bursts of adrenaline filled fun with people breaking in between each 30 min - 1 hour game to reload and replenish their strength. Paintball features very hot close quarters engagements, and because full face masks are used, getting hit in the mask is not uncommon. First time a ball spashes against your mask's lenses, you will realize why paintball is so much fun!

Extreme Paintball Example


A speedball is an open field with artificial cover. Players dash from cover to cover and rely on speed and lightning fast reflexes to shoot and avoid being shot!
A speedball is an open field with artificial cover. Players dash from cover to cover and rely on speed and lightning fast reflexes to shoot and avoid being shot!

The dangers of paintball

Like many other extreme sports - outdoor lazer tag and airsoft, for example, paintbal involves risks, and this is why a waiver is required for each game. This waiver acknowledges that you understand the risks of playing paintball and release the other parties involved from liability.

Some of the common risks associated with paintball

  • Injury due to a hit by paintball, especially at close ranges. This is why paintball gloves and some padded clothing is recommended
  • Adrenaline related conditions. Chances are you have not experienced an invasion of Normandy before.
  • Heat related issues in the summer - stay hydrated to avoid this.

Many paintball fields are insured.


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