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Looking for adventure? Try Outdoor Laser Tag

Updated on May 14, 2010
That's what I'm talking about! 21st century is finally here!
That's what I'm talking about! 21st century is finally here!

Laser Tag is old. Outdoor laser tag is not!

If you live in the United States, chances are you have heard about laser tag. Some of you might've even played it a few times. Usually confined to small maze-like arenas at local arcades, laser tag features high speed, high intensity action that makes your legs ache for days after your first game :)

With the advances in technology, laser tag finally got outside of the dark arenas and now can be played in the woods during the day! Finally you can snipe your friends from far away without some pesky buggers flanking you from behind! High quality light sensors make this possible.Outdoor laser tag sniping is possible because of significantly longer engagement distances (up to 570 feet) than either airsoft (300 feet) or paintball (150 feet) - the 2 other extreme "if it moves, shoot it" sports out there.

It is 21st century, and while we are still waiting for the flying cars or jetpacks to arrive, the long range laser guns are already here ! Well... they are actually infrared LED guns, they they still look futuristic and bring a ton of fun!

A video is worth a thousand words! Laser tag in Sweden!

Outdoor laser tag action!

Outdoor laser tag is unique in 2 respects - the engagement distance is huge (the steradian S7 boasts 570' range) and the tactics are different than either airsoft or paintball, because there's no projectiles, so you may not even know someone is shooting at you (unless you can hear them).

Also, unlike either airsoft or paintball, outdoor laser tag allows you to keep score, so you really have the bragging rights if you are on top of the food chain :)

Outdoor laser tag equipment nowadays supports a large number of players - up to 120. While it is possible to have a small game with 10 people, the sport really blooms if you have a lot of people which makes advanced squad tactics possible.

Due to the lightweight equipment, outdoor laser tag is fast and fun, and is guarangeed to make your legs hurt just as much as the old school laser tag does! This makes it perfect for the office parties, as finally there would be something fun to talk about afterwards!

A variety of action

Outdoor laser tag is not restricted to the hardcore milsim players. Everyone can enjoy that!
Outdoor laser tag is not restricted to the hardcore milsim players. Everyone can enjoy that!

How to find an outdoor laser tag game

 A good place to start looking for an outdoor laser tag community is online forums. Laserforums com is one such place. Because outdoor laser tag is as old as web 2.0, there are some active tagger groups on and facebook. Find a community near you and start playing!

Red dot scopes on. Bring on the fun!
Red dot scopes on. Bring on the fun!

Extreme sports

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    • profile image

      Laser Tag Ireland 6 years ago

      I have to agree, outdoor laser tag is a completely different kettle of fish to the indoor Quasar that I used to play as a kid. Much more like paintball without the pain but gives you the real war experience at the same time.

    • profile image

      Fabian 6 years ago

      yes indeed - lasertag is cool stuff. Especially when it comes to different gameplays other than just elimination. And finally it´s coming to germany as well - which was forbidden for a long time.

    • SakiSan profile image

      SakiSan 7 years ago from Kansas, United States

      This is pretty kewl! However I'm still a paintball fan.