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How To Have Fun

Updated on October 22, 2011

You’re bored and feeling like there is nothing to do. It is not like that at all, have a look around once again. There are many things around to have fun with.

Have Fun With Colors

Grab your color kit and have fun in coloring some blank pages. You can have fun in coloring fruits and trees with other than their original shade and have fun in giving a new look to usual things. Don’t worry it’s not your kindergarten, no one will scold you if you color apple blue not red.

Have Fun With Pen And Paper

Pick a paper and pen. Sit where ever you feel comfortable to sit and start transforming your imaginations on paper. Try to write what you’re seeing. Try to inscribe what you’re feeling. You can put pen to paper what happened with you all your day. You can also mark what you planned about the day and how it goes.

You can also try out Origami with paper.
You can also try out Origami with paper.
There can be lots of crazy custom clothing ideas,
There can be lots of crazy custom clothing ideas,

Have Fun With Paint And Brush

If you have a flair of painting and drawing then it is not possible you felt bore when your paint and brushes are within your reach.

Dip your brush in paint and draw your imaginations on canvas. If you do not have a canvas, just take a plain sheet of paper and paste it on any washable surface and have fun while painting.

Have Fun With Your Clothes And Closet

You can have fun with your closets and cloths as well. If there is nothing to do at home, Open your closet and try to make new combinations with your jeans and tops.Try to make new combinations to accessories. Plan what you would wear for next party. Try to paint your tops with fabric colors. Make your floral patterns more funky and fancy by putting sparkles and sequences on that.

Reading, a classic way of getting rid of boredom.
Reading, a classic way of getting rid of boredom.
You can also involve your kids into gardening.
You can also involve your kids into gardening.

Have Fun While Reading

Pick a nice book, even your course book and read it. Reading books is fun, an informative way of entertainment. For every possible topic, books are available in market. You can have a book your interest. You can read about history, literature, music, crafting, sports and many other things possible.

Have Fun In Garden With Flowers And Plant

You can have fun in your garden even if you’re not good in gardening. Even If you do not have so much knowledge of plants and seeds, you can enjoy your garden just by setting it in a new way.

If you do not want to even do this then you can just relax in your garden, and fun while looking at flowers and fresh plants.

Music is a great way to have fun.
Music is a great way to have fun.
You could always try some thing new in the kitchen.
You could always try some thing new in the kitchen.

Have Fun, Listen To Music

Listen to your favorite music. Play music on your home theatre and relax while having fun with your favorite rock starts.

You can listen to you singers on your iPod, pod or you can switch to radio for new chart busters. Music will give some relaxation to your nerves and you can fun while dancing on rhythms. Listening is fun whether your listen in with head phones or with speakers.

Have Fun With Cooking

Cooking is also a thing fused with fun. Try to make something other than usual. Make new combinations with veggies and species and fruits.

Make rice, sandwich, burger and fries, juices and other beverages at home. But do keep one thing in mind, Moms hate messy kitchen. So, whatever mess you made in kitchen cleans it before mom go in kitchen.

There are lots of fun sports you can enjoy.
There are lots of fun sports you can enjoy.

Have Fun, Play Sports

Get out of home with your mates and buddies and play some sports. Playing sports will keep you active, healthy and do not let you feel bore.

You can join your communities or area’s sports club or local gymnasium. There are two reasons for these two options, you’ll find mates and peers and it would not be any burden on you budget.

Have Fun, Doing Crafting

Take out color sheets, color papers, paste, scissors and other things; do try making decoration pieces and mosaic, patchwork and collage at home. If you do not have color sheets or color papers, then you can use old news paper and magazine for this purpose.

Art and Craft is a crazy way to have fun.
Art and Craft is a crazy way to have fun.

Last But, Of Course, Not The Least

If none of the above mentioned things appeal you at all. Then switch on your computer, turn the internet router on, open your browser and start googling on ‘how to have fun’. Or may be something crazy to do! 


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for doing this i love reading and I love art work! Thank you again-Kaya

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Nice to reminds us to have fun.

    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for informing about the pics. I think I overlooked that! and gardening is a wonderful fun hobby, enjoy yourself with it.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 

      8 years ago

      These days I am having fun with plants with gardening being the newest of my obsessions. Nice hub and great ideas to have fun.

      BTW, the placing of those pictures don't seem right to me, you might want to replace gardening and reading pictures with each other as this way they will match with their text capsules. :)

      Nice hub mate.


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